Jack Johnson is #1 on our weekly playlist 

  1. Jack Johnson “You and Your Heart”
  2. Weezer “I Want You To”
  3. Muse “Uprising”
  4. Rise Against “Savior”
  5. Dirty Heads “Lay me Down”
  6. Kings of Leon “Use Somebody”
  7. Stone Temple Pilots “Between the Lines”
  8. Slash (Feat Adam Levine) “Gotten”
  9. Hole “Skinny Little Bitch”
  10. Crash Kings “Mountain Man”
  11. Alice-in-Chains “Your Decision”
  12. Muse “Resistance”
  13. Paramore “Brick by Boring Brick”
  14. Switchfoot “Mess of Me”
  15. The Dead Weather “Die By the Drop”
  16. 30 Seconds to Mars “Kings and Queens”
  17. Linkin Park “New Divide”
  18. The Temper Trap “Sweet Disposition”
  19. Phoenix “1901”
  20. MGMT “Kids”
  21. Deftones “Diamond Eyes”
  22. Silversun Pickups “The Royal We”
  23. Chevelle “Letters from a Thief”
  24. Broken Bells “The High Road”
  25. Switchfoot “The Sound”
  26. Ozzy Osbourne “Let Me Hear You Scream”
  27. Breaking Benjamin “Give Me a Sign”
  28. Phoenix “Listomania”
  29. Cage the Elephant “In One Ear”
  30. Metric “Gold Guns Girls”
  31. Against Me! “I Was a Teenage Anarchist”
  32. Carney “Love Me, Chase Me”
  33. Spoon “Got Nuffin’ “
Comments (11)
  1. Sung says:

    A Day to Remember – “Have Faith In Me” should also be on the list.

  2. Arlen says:

    there is 1 song iv been trying to figure out wat its called but i 4got it. it talks bout loving to make new friends and stacks of empty pizza boxes and sex and video games ahaha can any1 help me?

    1. christina rose says:

      the limousines- very busy people
      i’m pretty sure thats the song you talking about

  3. Anon says:

    I heard a female DJ a few days ago proclaim the song she was about to play as “the best song she’d heard in 3 years” or something like that. Then she played the song and it sounded similar to U2/Coldplay/Muse. The only lyrics I remember from it were “Come on back,” or “Come on back to me,” or “Come back to me” or some variation of that and those were sung near the end of the song. The song built in intensity very gradually and it had a false finish where you thought it might wrap up without climaxing at all, but then they hit you with it. I can not figure out what the heck song it is. Needless to say the DJ didn’t say the name of the song. I’ve heard it on the station once since then (unfortunately I don’t get to listen all that much). Any ideas?

    1. Anon says:

      I figured it out; here it is, in case anyone else is wondering ^.^

      Civil Twilight – Letters from the Sky

      1. gail stefani says:

        Thanks so much! You were right on with Civil Twilight. LOVE that song and had same experience with DJ!

  4. gail says:

    Have you heard “Love Lost” or “Fader” from Temper Trap? Love both of those…

  5. Jeremy says:

    theres this one song that i cant figure out where it starts out with bass and drums then comes the guitar in the chorus

  6. Jon says:

    trying to find a song players sunday night , may 09 around 10pm


  7. bob says:

    PLEASE HELP… ive been trying to find out a song that played today around 2:240pm to 2:55 pm…. the songs lyrics like “confusion…” in it PLEASE HELP

  8. Sal says:

    does anyone know the song that has the lyrics, white bed sheets? Grazie!

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