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Top 10 types of chicks you don’t want to date

yelling Top 10 types of chicks you dont want to date

1.) Chicks who have animals – If you don’t have a kid, you’ll find out really fast what it’s like to have one. You can’t stay out late, can’t leave for the weekends, because there’s always a whole ordeal about who’s going to watch the pet. And who needs a jacket when you’re constantly covered by cat and dog fur?

2.) Model/actress wannabe – Look, if this chick is not living in Los Angeles or New York City, they are NOT a real actress or model. It’s only a hobby or side gig. Do you really want to hang out with somebody you constantly have to financially support, or listen to her bitch and moan about how there’s no work in our area?

3.) The clubber – This is the type of girl who can’t have any type of fun unless she’s in a nightclub. So this means you’ll be taking her out constantly, buying overpriced drinks for her and her friends. Conversation? What conversation will you be having with the loud techno music blaring in your ear while some sleazy greased-up nightclub owner is trying to court your lady?

4.) The tearjerker – No matter what you do, you can never make this one happy. Her mood swings are out of control, like being on a rollercoaster without a safety harness.

5.) Fake upper-class – Even though she works at Hotdog-on-a-Stick, it’s mandatory that her outings are always in the wine country and crashing in fancy hotels. Instead of her focusing her energy on you for covering the costs of all this “upper-class” living, her energy will be spent calling her friends and telling them how cool she is.

6.) Reckless in public – Dating a girl with a short fuse sucks in itself, but when she’s also very vocal in public, you might find yourself learning Tae Kwon Do very quickly. Do you really want to fight a bunch of people unecessarily?

7.) The non-labeler – A girl that doesn’t want to put a label on your relationship really doesn’t want to be in a relationship.

8.) The drinker – Don’t get me wrong, it’s fine to have some drinks. But if you have a lady that’s just a straight lush, have fun being the DD and the babysitter every time you go out. The drinker also tends to have traits of the “Reckless In Public” chick.

9.) Jobless – I know this sounds weird coming from me, but I’m kind of old fashioned. A man should provide for his lady and his family. The reason I’m against the jobless chick is that they have too much time on their hands. While you’re out working and trying to provide for your family, they’re calling and texting you all day long with their unecessary drama.

10.) Paranoid chick – No matter where you go, somebody is always looking at them in the wrong way, and you have to hear about it. Common things that you’ll hear coming out of this girls mouth: “What’s that bitch looking at?” “Do you see that person staring at me?” and “They won’t stop looking at me!”



One Comment

  1. Andrew says:

    # 9, 8, 6 are pure GOLD!

  2. leo says:

    i kinda like paranoid chiccs, im paraniod too, its a survival relevent mental illness. follow me if ur troublesome!

  3. rose says:

    LOL…#1 is hilarious. I tell my friends I dont have animals because I might as well get a kid. They’ll mess up my stuff and are constantly needy, I think I’ll pass.

  4. Elizabeth says:

    Yes! I’m not any of those!

  5. Logan says:

    Ok, is great, except that you just described 2/3 if the female population!

  6. Kristy says:

    so glad i never fit into any of those… lol… i think…

  7. stephdub says:

    oh menance… you’ve opened the door my friend. you must have known that plenty of females have their OWN top ten list, right?

    well here it is-


  8. Shawnie Regina says:

    I’m definitely the paranoid chick… and I have pets. Damn lol

  9. helen says:

    might as well date a rock…

  10. Mo duval says:

    Soo… Who’s left to date? Do a reversal of the sexes and that sums up most of my exes… Except when I dated someone named jesus… That was just weird….

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