muse 17 Singer of Muse To Retire!

Matt Bellamy of Muse recently says he wants to retire and start a new career.  Click more to find out his plans!

Matt Bellamy plans to retire from music and become a hemp farmer.

The Muse frontman ‘ who owns a sprawling farm in Devon ‘ wants to transform the land into a factory to make paper and material from the plant.

The millionaire musician says when he eventually stops touring he will also spend his time sheep shearing.

Matt – who is dating Hollywood actress Kate Hudson – said of his farm: ‘ don’t live there, it’s just land with a couple of jaded barns that need to be renovated. It’s a nice place to camp but my long-term plan is to grow industrial hemp for making paper and material.

“When I stop touring I’m going to hang around there and start shearing sheep.”

The 32-year-old musician is already using the land as a sheep farm with a flock of 50 ewes and two rams.

“I got the sheep mainly because I’ve got a farm which has a lot of steep hills, so the grass gets out of control unless you get grazing animals in there – and it was too steep for cows.

“I’ve got Dorset Downs sheep – they’re hardy, they can handle the weather.”

This is not the first time Matt has spoken about his need for a break from touring, saying he sometimes thinks about living in a tent on his own.

The rocker – who grew up in Devon and is currently touring Australia -said: ‘ might just live in a tent on my own farm somewhere, isolated with a shotgun.

“It definitely feels like we’ve got to a certain level as a live band . So it could be time to take a break, back off for a bit and see if anybody misses us.

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Comments (6)
  1. Allen says:

    I will miss you guys!

  2. Phil says:

    OMG! What a clown. Well we’ll know what he’ll do with the shotgun! Anybody remember the Cobain incident? Just another one who can’t handle the fame. Don’t worry he’ll be back. I don’t think the sheep will do for long because I know Kate will not live in a tent.

  3. Athman says:

    “…see if anybody misses us.” EVERYONE is going to miss muse!

  4. Lisa K. Sattler says:

    Oh sure now that This record is brilliant why make more? Lol. All the best to you! :-*

  5. Lisa K. Sattler says:

    Best me luck darlin!

  6. jh says:

    wtf guys y u doing this 2 me i just started lieking MUSE u guys freaking rock please dont retire!

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