fosterthepeople e1304625029205 Get To Know Your BFD Players: Foster The People!

Foster The People plays “that one song” you love. You know, the one that you always tap your foot and bob your head to but can never remember the name of (it’s called Pumped Up Kicks by the way.) These guys are on the rise, they’re playing BFD this year and you are going to want to see them (so you can say you saw them before they were huge.) We put together some facts to help cement Foster The People’s awesomeness in your brain – right next to your extreme feelings for cheese and how to do the macarena.

Foster The People are going to be kickin it up on the Budlight Festival Stage and we’re pumped!

Check out this live video of their breakout “Pumped Up Kicks”!

Here are some other interesting things about Foster The People:

  • There are two dudes named Mark in Foster The People
  • The band has only been playing since October 2009!
  • The indie rock band is from Los Angeles, CA
  • Foster The People got a lot of praise for their SXSW performance this year
  • They just played Coachella (which I saw and it was awesome)
  • The band has an EP out titled Foster The People EP which you can hear here
  • Their record Torches is available now for presale and will be release May 24!
  • You can snag a cool remix of the bands song “Houdini” for free on their website!

Need more Foster The People in your life? Follow them on Twitter, like them on Facebook, grab their EP on iTunes and catch them June 5th on the Budlight Festival Stage and LIVE105’s BFD 2011!

Comments (2)
  1. Melissa says:

    great band….I want to meet them! 🙂

  2. Esmeralda says:

    I would looove to meet Foster the People ! 🙂

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