beta state e1307044555832 BFD 2011 Local Band Profile: Beta State!

Beta State will be hopping on the Soundcheck Local Band Stage Sunday at 2:50pm and we want to see all of your smiling faces there! Let us entice you with the sweet sounds of the south bay (and the only band that will be giving out free music to the open minded!)

Aside from being pinchably cute, Beta State’s members have a lot of interesting things to say (cute and smart? what?) We like em so much that we recently had a chat with south bay band about how excited they are to be playing BFD 2011. (we also had a chat about music, tea, friendship and being broke but that’s here nor there) Before we divulge their commentary, check the band struttin their stuff live in this video!

Need more before you hear what they’ve got to say? Thought you would, check out the official video for “I Will Remember You” below!

During our chat we found out that this band is the phoenix from the ashes of popular south bay band Strata – except with broken wings. When we asked how the band met and became what they are today it was a loaded answer. Instead of butchering their answer we’re going to post it here- along with a few other questions and answers.
So guys, let’s start off by listing band members and their instruments!
Sure! Matt McDonald is Vocals, Ryan Hernandez plays Guitar, Justin Kastner plays Bass and Adrian Robison is the drummer.
What genre of music do you consider your jams to be?
Justin: Half Ambient Alternative, half friendship
So, How long have you all known each other and how did y’all meet?
Ryan: After the dismemberment of Strata, Ryan, Adrian, and Hrag Chanchanian continued on. They found a singer soon after, then lost him in the end of the year. Hrag called it quits after helping the guys write and long time friend Justin Kastner joined the band. After a long year and a half search over the internet for singers they found Matt McDonald and Beta State formed officially in September ’09. 
So you guys are playing the local band stage at BFD2011! How excited are you?!

Ryan: We are all really excited to be playing with great bands and supporting the local scene. So it might rain, who cares? It makes it more exciting!
Why should LIVE105 listeners check out Beta State at BFD?
Justin: Because it will be fun and we love friendship! NOT TO MENTION, we will be giving out FREE copies of our album “Stars”!
What’s your ultimate direction for your band? Are you seeking fame and fortune?
Matt: All we want is to be able to play music for the rest of our lives
What advice do you have for people who want to rock their own bands?
Matt: You’ll have no money, no free time, and you will play shows to empty crowds…but it may just be the best decision you have ever made.
How can fans-to-be get your music? Do you have a website with a demo or a place to stream the music online?
Matt: We are giving away our entire debut album “Stars” for FREE.  Type “Beta State Stars Live 105 free download” on Google and you’ll find it.  We don’t want your money.
Is there anyone you’d like to acknowledge for offering financial or emotional support?
Matt: Without my family back home I would be lost.  It is because of them that I am able to follow my dreams.
Who are your biggest influences musically?
Matt: When we start jamming a new song, we aren’t focused on what we want it to “sound” like, but instead on how we are feeling that day.  Our emotion when we write a new song becomes what that song ends up sounding like.
How do you prepare yourselves for a live show?
Justin: Hugs and throat coat tea.
Favorite super hero?
Our parents
Any final words or thoughts you want to end on or cool things you wanna add?
NEW record coming soon…

Well, we at LIVE105 appreciate the friendship, boys! Can’t wait to see this band on the Soundcheck Local Band Stage at 2:50PM (Right after Emily’s Army) this Sunday at BFD2011! Come out, grab a free CD and maybe a hug or two! Can’t get enough? Don’t forget to follow Beta State on Twitter, Like ’em on Facebook, pick up some swag here and check out their website!

Comments (3)
  1. Maya says:

    They sound absolutely adorable, but not enough to sicken me. And the music is super sweet. These guys definitely have a great career ahead of them.

  2. The Trims says:

    Beta State is def. doing a killer job of reppin’ the south bay!
    We look forward to sharing the stage with them at BFD.
    Rock on fellas!!!

  3. K boo says:

    The tiniest of boos

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