Yesterday at BFD 2011 Linkin Park headlined the Shoreline Ampitheater to a sold out audience.  Another band that rocked BFD on the local band stage is San Jose’s Beta State and managed to grab the attention of Linkin Park. So much that Linkin Park blogged about them this morning, find out what it was about this local band to stand out in the eyes of Linkin Park.

Yesterday at the show, a group of fans tracked Chester down.  After a quick exchange, they handed him an iPod Touch, and said, “We’re in a band called Beta State, and we’d be honored if you guys would check out our music.”

They handed him their demo on an iPod.

After the show, Chester told us what had happened, and showed Phoenix and me the iPod.  In Phoenix’s words, “at this point, it almost doesn’t even matter what their band sounds like-they obviously get it.”  Their album, art, and four professional-looking videos were all on the iPod, which was customized for the viewing and listening experience.  When we first turned it on, there was a personal note, addressed to me (see video above).

If you’re going to try to get noticed, you’ve got to be able to put yourself in the shoes of the person you want to get noticed by.  You have to think to yourself, “How often do they get asked questions like the one I’m asking?  How do I make myself stand out?  How I do put my best foot forward?”  Beta State knows the value of a standout connection.  We’ve received demos on similar devices before, but it’s never been so thorough and so thoughtfully put together as this one.

You may say, “I want to promote my band, but I can’t afford to give away iPods.”  Exactly.  Any thoughtful person who receives this gift will recognize the effort and sacrifice that potentially comes with it.  This iPod was obviously used, but clearly, Beta State can’t do this for everybody.  If they wanted to hand me an iPod, how many chances would they get to do that?

They chose a single connection that mattered to them, and they made a huge effort.

And I realize that, as I’m telling this story, there will be people out there who are inclined to copy this band’s move, and try to give us iPods with their music on them.  If you do that, you’re missing the point, and we won’t accept them.  It’s about being the first one to get it right.

Have a thoughtful presentation, put in the effort, and you can get people’s attention.  And as Phoenix said, it almost doesn’t matter what your band sounds like.

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Beta State music video here:

Comments (5)
  1. Tae says:

    Well played boys.

  2. Maya says:

    Can’t say I’m a huge LP fan…but I adore beta state and I’m glad they’ll get some attention!

  3. MiniCooper JES says:

    And you just wait for that one opportunity to stand out. Great day for Beta State. Raising my glass….

  4. dave jones says:

    You know I know most of the people in Beta State and they are all really talented musicians and people in general. I read this article I think you guys did it right. You will climb to the top. And keep rocking it like you are. You all deserve it.

  5. Auzrey says:

    I know the singer of Beta State.

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