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Big Boi Fails To Perform At Outside Lands

big boi Big Boi Fails To Perform At Outside Lands

(Photo by Mike Coppola/Getty Images)

[photogallerylink id=72612]Music fans hoping to catch Big Boi‘s set at Outside Lands were left completely disappointed on day one of the music festival. The rapper was scheduled to perform as originally planned despite his arrest in Miami on Sunday on charges of drug possession. Big Boi made it to the festival and was spotted backstage, however, he never actually performed. His performance was nixed because of “technical difficulties.” If Twitter is any indication, the crowd was not pleased with the Southern-bred rapper’s failure to hit the stage.

The rapper was slated to go onstage at 6:20pm. His set time was pushed back to 7pm. Then the “technical” issues started. Big Boi hit the stage but only to announce the problem. He promised fans he would come back onstage to perform once the issues were solved.

That never quite happened. Instead the crowd got an impromptu speech from comedian Dave Chapelle. He entertained the crowd for a few minutes as an attempt to soothe the clearly annoyed and angry festival goers.


Finally Big Boi’s management announced that the technical issues had been solved. However, “rather than giving you a half assed show, we’re not giving you a show at all.” The announcement drew a wave of never-ending “boos” from the crowd.

Fans took to Twitter to share their displeasure with the failed Big Boi show. There was definitely no shortage of complaints from festival goers who waited a little over an hour for the performance that never happened.

big boi tweet Big Boi Fails To Perform At Outside Lands

According to Big Boi’s Twitter, the technical issue was merely a lost DJ. The rapper tweeted that his DJ went to the wrong stage and only had 20 minutes to make it to the correct location. Since Erykah Badu was slated to start her set, the whole Big Boi performance was completely cancelled.

Is Big Boi and his management telling the truth? We hope so. But he could have at least performed one or two songs, right?


One Comment

  1. :( fan says:

    No announcement was made to the crowd about the set time being changed to 7pm… lame.

  2. sarandipity23 says:

    That is kinda weak.. to be there but not give your fans what they came there for.. I guess he had his reasons… maybe too many drug fumes in the audience..for him to stay sober?

  3. The reverse onus of proof in drug-possession cases is incompatible with the rule of law and therefore cannot be recognized by any court anywhere. In other words, it is UNIVERSALLY UNCONSTITUTIONAL. Besides, the economics of the drug trade imply that criminal sanctions are self-defeating unless concentrated on RETAIL SALES. See for details.

  4. If you were dumb enough to be at the Big Boi stage when Phish was playing, well you deserve the disappointment you got.

  5. jano says:

    fook dos phans?!

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