Kids are getting back into college mode right now as the academic year is beginning around the country and I know many of them have been getting drunk in creative ways? Maybe these are some of them, plus more!

First of all, there’s A TON of drinking games, every group of friends seems to have their own favorite games and their own ways to play them, here’s 10 of the most prevalent and most fun around. Also, when playing these games, be safe & responsible!



This game is all about drinking. There are not really any rules. The object is to take a shot of beer every minute for an entire hour. It sounds pretty easy but believe me, it isn’t. If you want to prove you are really a man you can try to join the Century Club. The Century Club is doing a shot every minute for 100 minutes. – listverse


A group of people sit in a circle and one person is designated the dealer. The dealer goes around the circle and each person has to guess the card (one person at a time). The guesser has two chances to guess the correct card. If they are wrong the first time, the dealer tells them whether the actual card is higher or lower. If the guesser is wrong, they have to drink the difference between their guess and the actual card. Let’s say the actual card is a 10 and the person guessed an 8, the guesser has to drink twice. Now, if the person guesses correctly the first time, the dealer has to drink 10, and if they guess the second time, then the dealer has to drink 5 times.

The dealer can only stop being the dealer after three people in a row are wrong. The cards get laid out on a table in order so everyone can see what has already been played and kind of guess what the next card will be. After all four of a card is laid, those get turned over. The entire process continues until the cards run out. Toward the end of the game, it is easier to guess and the dealer drinks more, hence, screw the dealer. – Dupyup


House rules determine how this one is played, but here’s a set of rules to give you an idea:

Ace – ‘Waterfall’: When you start drinking, the person next to you has to start drinking, then the person next to them until it’s gotten all the way around the circle. Here’s the catch, the person after you can’t stop drinking until you have stopped, basically screwing the last person in line. Think of this like dominoes.

2 – Is for ‘You’: You choose someone to drink if you’ve chosen this card.

3 – Is for ‘Me’: You drink one.

4 – Is for ‘Whores’: All the women drink.

5 – Is for ‘Hand Jive’: This is a lot like simon says, you do something and the person sitting next to you has to copy and then add something.

IE. You give a thumbs up, Person2 gives a thumbs up and then waves, Person3 has to give a thumbs up, waves, and dances like a chicken. In this part of the game, you can do a lot of crazy things to get the person out who’s next in line (either something really embarrassing or something complicated), it can be a lot of fun.

6 – Is for ‘Dicks’: All of the guys drink.

7 – Is for ‘Heaven’ or ‘Social’: Everyone Drinks

8 – Is for ‘Drinking Mate’: When you pull this card, you must select someone who has to drink every time you drink (this works really well with large groups, not so much for smaller ones).

9 – Is for ‘Rhyme’: You start by picking a word that is rhymable. You then proceed to go around the circle until someone repeats the word or can’t think of one. Either case they would have to drink.

10 – ‘I’ve Never’: In this, you put up five fingers. Starting with yourself, you have to state something that you have never done, you think someone else has.

For example, (this is a cheap shot) if you are playing with a group of females and want them all to put down a finger you would say something like “I’ve never… had to purchase tampons for myself”. Whoever puts down all of their fingers first, has to drink 5.

Jack – ‘Categories’: This one is really simple. All you have to do is come up with a category that has several subjects within it.

For example: You choose the category “TV Shows”. You say “Fresh Prince of Bel Aire”, next person “True Life”, next “Family Guy”… etc. You keep going until someone can’t think of one or repeats who in turn have to drink.

Queen – ‘Questions’: This is a round of rapid fire questions. You must begin by asking someone a question, the person who you’ve asked cannot answer, but has to turn to someone else and ask them a question, who in turn has to ask someone else a question. This is ended by someone either asking the same question, answering the person who asked them the question, or freezing.

King – here you have to do two things; if you have an empty cup in the middle, contribute some alcohol from your glass to that cup (you can choose how much to pour) and choose a rule*. If you have a beer, place the king on top of the beer and choose a rule*. – drinksite



For example:

shark week drinking game   printable version Top 10 Drinking Games

“Roxanne” drinking game:



The Sloshball drinking game is a drinking version of the normal game of Softball, and you get to place a keg of beer on second base. The rules are very simple, and the game is fun, so check out the official rules below.


To play Sloshball, you need all the people and equipment that you would need to play softball or kickball, plus a keg of premium beer that you can place on second base.

1.    Play for a total of 11 innings, with three outs per inning.
2.    Each team elects a player from their own team to pitch to them.
3.    Each player only gets three pitches…. Including strikes, balls, etc.
4.    Every time a player passes the keg at second base, they must stop and drink
5.    If a player hits a home run, the whole team comes out for a GroupDrink
6.    If the ball hits the keg, it is considered a home run.
7.    If there is a tie at any base between the runner and the throw, do a chug off.
– The person who can chug the longest from the keg wins the tie
8.   Any team trying to cheat by obstruction a runner loses 10 points.

Remember, the point of this game is to have fun and drink some beer… so don’t take the game too seriously. Here are some additional rules for the hardcore Sloshball players, or for anyone who wants to do a sloshball tournament:
– All sloshball games should commence with the singing of the national anthem
– You can play with three teams, in 1-2-3 order for 5 innings, and 3-2-1 order for 5 innings.
– On the 11th inning, the team with the most points goes first
– Outfielders cannot stand behind the fence at anytime during the game
– If you hit the 2nd base umpire with a ball, it counts as a homerun. –


and of course….



Let us know if there’s any awesome games we left out.



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