The media love demonizing male celebrities for their sex addictions, but women are sex addicts, too. Here is my list of 10 famous female sex addicts, although I’m guessing all women porn stars would qualify… Enjoy!

78920133 10 Famous Female Sex Addicts

Jennifer Ketchum – aka Penny Flame

Remember VH1’s Sex Rehab with Dr. Drew? Me neither. I guess it aired back in 2009 and it was similar to his Celebrity Rehab with a focus on sex addicts instead of narcotics. Anyway, half this list is comprised of the women who “starred” in that show.  Penny Flame was her stage name in the adult film industry. Now she’s writing books and living the “sober” life. Does that mean no sex?

94168495 10 Famous Female Sex Addicts

Nicole Narain was Playboy’s Miss January 2002 and her sex tape with Colin Farrel led her to seek sex rehab.

89873472 10 Famous Female Sex Addicts

Kari Ann Peniche was Miss Oregon United Stats 2003, featured in Playboy in 2004, and briefly engaged to Aaron Carter.

55986923 10 Famous Female Sex Addicts

Kendra Jade Rossi is a former porn star who left the industry on the verge of a breakdown. She then entered a spiral of alcoholism and prescription drug abuse. She attributes her husband, Lukas Rossi, to her decision to seek recovery. I wonder if a boob job is also a sign of sex addiction or low self-esteem, or both? I’m not sure, I’m not a doctor.

73623031 10 Famous Female Sex Addicts

Amber Smith is a former supermodel and actress. Some of her darker past experiences include date rape and prostitution which fueled her substance abuse addictions.

106280448 10 Famous Female Sex Addicts

According to Entrainment Wise, Mel B of the Spice Girls meets the qualifications for sex addict because she engaged in a menage-a-trios with two lesbians. One of them was a sex-toy saleswoman.

114505028 10 Famous Female Sex Addicts

A source close to Britney Spears was quoted squealing on the star back when she was with Kfed. ” “Britney says sex with Kevin is ten times better than with her ex-lover Justin Timberlake. They’re constantly in bed together in one long sex marathon.”” Entertainment Wise I don’t know if that means “sex addict” but, they did have two kids together, for better or for worse…

97757376 10 Famous Female Sex Addicts

Amy Winehouse was described by an ex-lover as “wild.” She loved being spanked, being on top, and could never get enough, as Entertainment Wise reports.

127822039 10 Famous Female Sex Addicts

Lindsay Lohan has been quoted half-admitting her sex addition: “Being an actress is lonely, and I never want to be alone… I hate sleeping alone. I like being able to be in different relationships – being able to see a few people. I’m not really like a crazy addict. I mean – I enjoy having sex.” (Entertainment Wise) Well, you can’t have sex in prison, well not with men, but that might not be an issue for this confused starlet.

117100757 10 Famous Female Sex Addicts

Paris Hilton Entertainment Wise is claiming that Paris is an obvious sex addict based on her sex tape, One Night in Paris. But, I’m not convinced. She’s even claimed to not be sexual or very interested in sex, despite her sexy appearance (Gossip Roundup). But, I needed a 10th person and figured I toss her into the mix.

Who would you list as the 10th Famous Female Sex Addict? Post your suggestion in the Comments below!

Comments (8)
  1. Poophead says:

    I nominate young Gucci man

  2. BOB G says:

    Try Zara Whites

  3. Korina says:

    Katie Morgan

  4. The Perfect Scapegoat says:

    I doubt ANYONE asked Mama Cass, Bea Arthur, Rosie ‘O Donnel, Rhea Perlman, or Janet Reno if they were sex addicts. So with the available evidence, only hot, nubile tarts are sex addicts. OR only hot, nubile tarts are so accustomed to validation via their beauty since childhood that their insecurities masquerade as sex addictions, and they are simply craving more attention over sex. Just a theory, I’m not a shrink (perhaps I’m demonstrating my knowledge or lack there of with these notions).

  5. ipgrunt says:

    All the plastic surgery, implants, dental work, celebrity, porn …


    Maybe for Howard Stern fans. Is that the live 105 demo?

  6. Homer says:

    So, apparently any woman who enjoys sex is a sex addict? What a load of crap.

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