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10 Signs You Know She’s Into You!

As the Hallmark Holiday Valentine’s Day (invented to make you feel lonely and disgusting and probably scum of the Earth) rears its ugly head these tips are a sure way to tell if she’s into you or not… so much.

10. She laughs at jokes that aren’t even funny: We both know sometimes you aren’t funny… but a girl who likes you will make the effort to get you to feel like you’re as funny as Pee-Wee Herman all the time.

9. She’s staring at you: If she can’t stop looking at you then she likes you, duh. DISCLAIMER: this doesn’t apply if you’ve got boogers, pimples, or something in your teeth.

8. She texts you about anything: When I say anything I mean anything, I have caught myself texting men I enjoy about the weather and my socks.
7. She is nervous around you, looking away or down: She likes youuuu! If she can’t sit still that’s the same deal. Unless you’re creepy, in which case this means she’s not a fan.

6. She “futures” you: meaning she finds out things you like and makes “future” plans to do those things with you, kinda cute, ya?

5. She has her friends drop her name: She’s doing this to put “the feelers out” so to speak- trying to get to know how you feel about her and where things are going.

4. Her pupils dilate: It’s science, man! Dilated pupils mean we, as humans, like what we see.

3. Hair moving and touching: this kind of falls in stride with the nerves I was talking about before. It also means she wants to look nice for you, so take this time to compliment her!

2. Body language signs: There are dozens of these but the one my intern found the most interesting was leg-crossing. If she crosses her legs toward you, you’re in it to win it, away from you though….not a good sign.

1. She’s never too busy for you: A girl who likes you will drive an hour to see you on your fifteen minute break from work. She is never too busy for you and never too far to see you for just a second!

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