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Top 8 Myths About Relationships!

I know we all have our own beliefs about relationships and we’ve heard through the grape vine that certain things are true, but what is a myth and what is truth? Here are some things I learned from Psych Central that we may have thought were true that aren’t, and vice versa!

8. “Couples therapy means your relationship is really in trouble”: FACT: If you’re wise enough to want to go into couples therapy it means that you care and are mature enough to work on the issues at hand!

7. “In order for the relationship to be successful, the other partner must change”: FACT: Change isn’t always the answer. You’ve got to learn to work around and with each others strengths and weaknesses .
6. ”Fights ruin relationships”: FACT: ”In actuality, what ruins relationships is not resolving your fights, Blum said. ‘Fights can be really healthy, and an important form of communication and clearing the air.'” – PsychCentral
Furthering the articles point: there’s a difference between picking a fight just to pick a fight and debating about important issues.
5. “Jealousy is a sign of true love and caring”: FACT: Jealousy is actually crazy. It means you don’t have trust in the relationship and you’re not confident with yourself and that ain’t healthy.
4. “Having a child will strengthen your relationship or marriage”: FACT: Babies aren’t bandaids and can cause more stress and tension in your life so if you’re going into parenthood to keep your hubby happy it probably isn’t going to work out in the end.

3. “If you’re truly in love, passion will never fade”: FACT: Passion kinda dies off as you get used to each other. As people we are constantly changing and it’s easy to drift away from one another and take them for granted. Luckily you can see this habit and change it, but it doesn’t mean you’re not in love.

2. “If partners really love each other, they know each other’s needs and feelings”: Like I said before we are always changing as are our needs. We can’t read each others minds and if you want something you need to open your heart and speak up for yourself.

1. “A good relationship means that you don’t have to work at it”: FACT: All good things in life take effort. When you work for something it feels better because you know you deserve it and when you have a partner who calls you out on your mistakes it makes you a better person while being closer to them and more respectful of them.


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