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The Limousines will drive you to prom 2012 if you ask them nicely

I  was able to catch-up with San Jose’s THE LIMOUSINESLive 105’s #1 Bay Area band of 2011,  from across the pond as the boys just recently embarked on their first ever European tour supporting Sweden’s The Sounds, and serendipitously, they just so happened to release a brand new video today for the track THE FUTURE

This would be the Limo’s third single and video off their successful debut album GET SHARP and its final results would make Michael J Fox beam with pride

and here is my quick Q &A session with Limo’s frontman Eric Victorino

1.    where was this amazing new video shot at?

 We shot all over the bay area, in my backyard, in the Santa Cruz mountains, saratoga hills, a lake in the east bay, a gas station in San Jose, train yard in SF.

 2.    tell us a little insight into its creation and inspiration

When I wrote the zombie video for IKTVS gio said it was too big, too
much, he was convinced there was no way we could pull it off. With
david dutton’s help and the passion of a bunch our friends
volunteering we pulled it off. Same thing happened with this video,
gio wrote it out and I told him he was fucking nuts, but it all
Worked itself out…

3.    did you perform your own stunts?

We sure did and we have the pics to prove it! We had a couple of trampolines in an abandoned road and were flying off them and landing in piles of couch cushions – Gio crashed the  Delorean himself  – I was even the shark, swimming behind the kids (same kids from the last video) holding that damn heavy shark fin while trying to keep my head under water…

4.    who produced this video and other bands they’ve worked with?

We produced it – when our former label saw the treatment we wrote up they said “nope, you’re not doing it” we said, “yeah we are!” and we spent our own money to put it together. The following conversation started with “hey wait, if we are signed why are we paying our own cash to make a video?” and ended with us asking to be released from Our contract with Dangerbird -  David Dutton directed and edited it and a couple of Gio’s friends did the special effects. I made the shark fin and the breakable sugar glass, we borrowed the car from a much younger Michael J Fox.

5.    tell us about some of the characters in the video and how/why you picked them?

Just like with the last video, we just instantly knew who out of our friends would be great for each part, we’re really lucky to have such enthusiastic friends and family, and fans! We put a tweet out to get people to show up to the little league field in Campbell wearing team colors and were expecting like 15 people – over 70 people came. That was awesome. Some bands can’t even get 70 people to come to their shows, let alone a secret video shoot at a baseball diamond.

 6.    how is Europe so far!? Inquiring minds want to know
We’ve been fucking killing it man, it’s even so much fun. My main goals were to have great shows in London and Paris and they’ve been the two best shows of the tour so far. We have been making sure we hang out with locals and check out the sights in each town. It was so awesome of the Sounds to take a little independent band like us out to their turf.

7.    favorite city/ show of the tour?

 London, hands down.

 8.    worst experience from the road so far?

The cold. Fuck. It’s been so crazy. It was 9 degrees Fahrenheit in Copenhagen WITHOUT the windchill… Everywhere we’ve been it’s been freakishly cold. It just starting snowing here in Paris, which has paralyzed the city… All part of the Adventure!

-Aaron Axelsen, Live 105 Music Director, host of Soundcheck, Subsonic

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  1. Matt says:

    Can’t believe these guys haven’t sold a million records yet. This album is so amazing and the response to it has been so great that it’s almost like radio ignored it to spite all that! Best album of this decade so far with ease………..

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