Not looking forward to Valentine’s day because you’re short on cash? don’t worry, there are plenty of ways to treat that special somebody without breaking the bank. Check out our top 10 gift/date ideas!

1. Movie Night

Pop on one of our Top 10 Valentine’s Day movies, make some popcorn and snuggle up on the couch with your sweetie. If you’re feeling a little more adventurous, throw in a bottle of wine and you’ve got yourself a good night!

2. Make A Mix CD

You might think this is a little cheesy, but it’s super thoughtful and easy on your bank account. Make a playlist of your boyfriend or girlfriend’s favorite songs or songs that are special to both of you. Surprise them by popping it in their car CD player before they take off for the day.

3. Bake Something

Everyone loves sweet treats. Cupcakes, cookies, pie, etc, etc… you pretty much can’t go wrong with something fresh out of the oven. Plus, most boxed mixes are only a few bucks at your local grocery store and take about 30 minutes to make.

4. Write A Poem/love letter

When was the last time you got a love letter? In the days of sexting it’s very rare that your special somebody would take the time to write you a love poem or just a simple love letter. Kick it old school – grab a pen, some fancy stationary and write down all the reasons why you love your sweetie. Trust us, this is way sweeter than a Happy Valentine’s Day e-mail.

5. Make a meal of only heart-shaped objects, foods that are red, etc

Heart shaped cookies, red velvet cupcakes, or just putting some Mac & Cheese on a plate in the shape of a heart… there’s no better way into someone’s heart than with a good meal or a sweet treat. It’s the little touches that make all the difference.

6. Make Love Coupons

If you’re short on money this Valentine’s Day you can still treat your loved one to some goodies that will cost you no money at all. Get some paper, markers, stickers, scissors and make some creative love coupons that your sweetie can redeem for things like a massage, special meal or everyday chores.

7. Take The Day Off Together

Sometimes you need to spice things up. Why not do so by getting a little of that teenage adventure back by playing hookey for the day together. Call in sick from work and just lay in bed, veg out and enjoy each others company. If relaxing isn’t your thing, plan a day outdoors with a walk around the city and a picnic in the park.

8. Go Out For Ice Cream

You don’t need to go out for a fancy meal just because it’s Valentine’s Day. Have a normal dinner at home and take your loved one out for ice cream afterwards. If you’re not a fan of ice cream, there are tons of places these days that specialize in selling desert treats like pie, cupcakes and more. Plus, chances are these places won’t be packed like all of those fancy restaurants!

9. Spa Night at Home

Light some candles, throw some rose petals on the floor/bed, grab some chocolate covered strawberries and champagne. Then prepare the tub with a nice bubble bath and let your boo relax. If you’re good as giving massages then get to it! There’s no need to spend tons of money at a spa when you can do a few things to relax at home.

10. Recreate Your First Date

Reignite the flame by recreating the first time you two went out together. Got to the same restaurant, make-out spot, watch the same movie… whatever you guys did, do it again. If you’re really serious about it, event try wearing the same thing you did on the first date for a few romantic laughs (especially if it was in a different decade).


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