55318275 Why You Should Break Up On Valentines Day

Mark Bui (L) and Donna Saady (R) argue in front of the White House (Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images - 2005)

This might seem hateful and cold hearted, but if you’ve been second guessing your relationship, why not seize the day and leave your significant other today, Valentine’s Day?

1) It’s Ironic

Maybe your significant other (SO) never got your sense of humor. Well, how about a little “It’s not you, it’s me” speech on a day that’s dedicated to giving stuffed animals, chocolates, and roses. Also, you’re making next year’s Valentine’s Day all that more romantic for everyone, assuming they don’t get dumped again on V Day 2013. That would mean the Universe is trying to tell that person something…

2) It’s Economical

Maybe being in a relationship has taken an ugly toll on your checking account. Feeding two is more expensive than feeding one, yourself. Obligatory gift giving is also an unnecessary expense. Going out, running errands, gas, movie tickets, concerts, vacations… you name it, if you do things together the tab really adds up because it’s double what you’d spend if you were alone.

3) It’s Efficient

Maybe the gift you gave today wasn’t “good enough.” Once again your demanding significant other wanted a brand name, overpriced item and you couldn’t exactly deliver. Hello, we’re in a recession. Breaking up today means you’ll have that much more time, money, and energy to spend on yourself! Sure, you might be a little lonely at first, but that’s what the Internet is for.

4) It’s Liberating

Once you ditch the bitch (or loser), you don’t have to dedicate your free time to them, or anyone for that matter. You don’t have to be on stand-by for whenever they’re in need. You don’t have to worry about why they’re out late or not texting you back within a 15 minute time frame, or why they don’t share photos of you together on their Facebook page, or what their parent’s think of you, or how to avoid their annoying friends, or how much weight you’ve gained this winter…

5) It’s Messed Up

Ok, so it is a little cold hearted. But if you’re going to break up, make sure they get the message. Some couples break up and get back together in a matter of weeks, days, hours. So breaking up on The romantic holiday of the year really drives home the message that you’re serious about abandoning ship.

And if you wimp out today, there’s always their birthday and Christmas to take advantage of later…

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