Considering the Hives were one of the most balls-out, theatrical, and energetic shows at last month’s Coachella Valley Arts and Music Festival, the Swedish band went incredibly docile and lo-fi with the new video for their first single, “Go Right Ahead,” off forthcoming album Lex Hives.

Set in a sparse studio, the video is essentially the Hives just playing through their track. Frontman Howlin’ Pelle Almqvist does do a bit of his vampiric preening, top hat, cape, and all.

Perhaps the band is just holding back and letting their insanely curated music speak for itself.

In an interview, Almqvist said it takes the band “millions of years” to “make a diamond” because they are really picky with their music writing.

“It’s the five of us,” said the Hives when asked who’s the pickiest. “It’s horrible. It’s everybody. I guess we got better at it in the latter years, but it’s not really a forgiving environment to be in: making music with the Hives. Everything sucks basically. You basically record four hundred demos and you like two.”

Almqvist told also NME that “there’s no formula” for the new album, but it’s definitely a work by the Hives.

“Every good band there is has a certain sound,” elaborated Almqvist. “There are a few songs that couldn’t have been on any of other Hives album, that are sort of a departure, but I’d say that kind of happened on the last time album too. But I’d also say that they couldn’t have been on any other album by anybody else either.”

Due out on June 4th internationally, Lex Hives‘ deluxe version includes two tracks, “High School Shuffle” and “Insane,” produced by the Hives’ “very good friend” Josh Homme.

–Nadia Noir, CBS Radio Los Angeles


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