With a sound that is a psychedelic, sprawling blend of Stones Roses and Primal Scream mixed with the cocksure swagger of the mid-’90s Britpop whence they came, Leicester-based Kasabian–named after Linda Kasabian who was serial killer Charles Manson’s getaway driver–seemingly provokes an image of tripped-out Madchester rock.

But when Kasabian’s main songwriter and lead guitarist, Sergio Pizzorno, talked to KROQ/Los Angeles he was an utter gentleman–with the exception of a bit of name-calling for British boy band One Direction.

The “Days Are Forgotten” songwriter did graciously apologize to the United States for the bestowal of these British lads on our land. While he was at it, he also apologized for music reality show X-Factor.

Pizzorno was asked what he thought of the resurgence of the boy band phenomena–a sound so different from that which Kasabian is creating. He basically said that One Direction were like the Royal Family to him; “they really don’t exist in my world.”

The long-locked guitarist did admit that the boy band phenomena has always been there, dating from the ’50s and ’60s when the Beatles prompted the musical British Invasion.

“It’s so far removed from my world or anything to do with it,” said Pizzorno. “It’s always been there. Before them there was someone else, and before that. It’ll continue. But it’s for kids.”

“It’s funny. We spent seven weeks in America playing town after town, and having a great time,” he continues. “Then these five little sh*ts come along and there’s like 15,000 waiting for them in a mall and you’re like “God! Please don’t let America think that’s all we have to offer.”

“So, yeah, sorry about that,” said Pizzorno apologetically. “It used to be great rock ‘n roll that Britain took to America. Now it seems like we’re filling you up with loads of dog sh*t.”

“Sorry about that,” Pizzorno continued to apologize. “There’s loads of good stuff happening over here. It just takes time for it to sink in, I think.”

When asked what some of the good stuff happening in the United Kingdom is, Pizzorno replied, “Well, we’re coming back. Kasabian has a nice album out and all that. There will be another one, I’m sure, pretty soon.”

Kasabian’s album Velociraptor! is out now on Sony Music. Pick it up at iTunes or Amazon. For more information on Kasabian, check out kasabian.co.uk.

–Nadia Noir, CBS Radio Los Angeles


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