My name is Stacy and I’m part of the KROQ Promo Crew, and I was lucky enough to snag a position on the 2012 Vans Warped Tour for the summer working with the Silent Disco, a new concept for the tour. It’s essentially a silent dance party. DJs spin music throughout the day, and the fans can only hear while listening to wireless headphones. We just completed week one and it was a whirlwind!

The tour started in Salt Lake City, UT, where they flew us out a day early to get situated. June 15 was the official production day, which allows everyone to essentially do a run-through with how to set up, where to set up, and what they are going to need. With over 90 bands and over 800 employees of sponsors, vendors, and tour production. It’s organized chaos.

The production day is also the day where everyone claims the ever-important bus bunk. Our bus has no back lounge because it’s filled with bunks. We have 15 people every day, and often end up picking up extra people if necessary (we had 18 one night!). On our bus, we have a great mix of people, including Acoustic Basement stage artists, Koji and Kristopher Roe (of The Ataris), and Silent Disco DJ, Wick-It the Instigator.

There are a few misconceptions about the tour that I’ve learned going into it. One of them was assuming I would never shower and be disgustingly dirty at all times. WRONG. The tour shuttles us to showers, or we use showers on site. Another one is that the buses would have internet access. WRONG. I’ve been scavenging off of people for a connection and have failed miserable. Lesson learned: bring a WiFi card. A third misconception is that it’s one big party. WRONG. Sorta. A majority of the days we’ve worked, we’ve had an early bus call to get to the next city in time to set up and do it all over again. However, there are BBQ’s backstage most of the nights, where everyone mingles and has a good time.

So far, the experience has been epic. I will say, however, that the weirdest thing about the tour is waking up in a different city every day. I woke up at the Irvine Great Park and the Pomona Fairplex not knowing which direction was which, even though I’ve worked both venues for KROQ before. In addition, living out of a suitcase for eight weeks with stretches of up to 11 days of work in a row is pretty ridiculous being a girl.

Since Salt Lake City, we’ve had shows in Denver, Las Vegas (104 degrees!), San Francisco, Irvine and Pomona, and have San Diego and Phoenix coming up. I look forward to becoming more of the Warped Tour family and will continue to update on my journey! Stay tuned.

We’ll be hitting every date below.

June 27 – San Diego, CA

June 28 – Phoenix, AZ

June 29 – Las Cruces, NM

June 30 – San Antonio, TX

July 1 – Houston, TX

July 3 – Dallas, TX

July 5 – St. Louis, MO

July 6 – Detroit, MI

July 7 – Chicago, IL

July 8 – Minneapolis, MN

July 9 – Kansas City, KS

July 10 – Indianapolis, IN

July 11 – Cleveland, OH

July 12 – Pittsburgh, PA

July 13 – Toronto, ON

July 14 – Montreal, QC

July 15 – Hartford, CT

July 17 – Buffalo, NY

July 18 – Scranton, PA

July 19 – Boston, MA

July 20 – Philadelphia, PA

July 21 – New York, NY

July 22 – Oceanport, NJ

July 24 – Washington, DC

July 25 – Virginia Beach, VA

July 26 – Atlanta, GA

July 27 – Orlando, FL

July 28 – Miami, FL

July 29 – Tampa, FL

July 30 – Charlotte, NC

July 31 – Cincinnati, OH

Aug. 1 – Milwaukee, WI

Aug. 4 – Seattle, WA

Aug. 5 – Portland, OR

–Stacy Soquet, CBS Radio Los Angeles


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