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The Fast Foodie: Arby’s Smokehouse Brisket Sandwich

I’ve had a craving for Arby’s ever since Pharrell donned that stupid Mountie hat, so seeing the new brisket sandwich advertised was an act of the fast food gods.

The Arby’s Smokehouse Brisket Sandwich contains smoked brisket topped with smoked Gouda and breaded fried onions then slathered in mayo and Arby’s barbecue sauce. The description sounded and the advertised image looked awesome. Meat, cheese, crispy fried onions … How could this not be a mark in the win column?

The nearest Arby’s was a few towns away, so I turned this column into a mini-road trip with my friends Ron and Hermione (yes, that makes me Harry, but I thought that was appropriate because those movies had silly hats too.)

The dining experience started off on a down note with an older gentleman and the Arby’s employee having a drawn out battle over the validity of a coupon. After making a valiant effort, the employee lost, the gentleman got his free shake, and finally I was able to order.

This delay allowed for my friend Hermione to comment that as a child she avoided the Arby’s “Horsey” – their clever name for horseradish mayo sauce – because she thought it was made of real horses. I wonder if she avoided Girl Scout Cookies for the same reason?

A few minutes later, I was greeted with my Smokehouse Brisket Sandwich. The biggest issue with the sandwich was execution. The brisket was surprisingly good but the crispy onions were soggy and each bite expelled a mixture of mayo and barbecue sauce. Napkins littered the table like bodies in one of Stallone’s “Expendables” movies. The Gouda would have been a nice touch if it’s subtle flavor wasn’t overwhelmed by the barbecue sauce.

In the spirit of full disclosure, I was raised by Texans (not by wolves) and brisket has always been a big deal in my life. Arby’s “smoked with real smoke from real fire for at least 13 real hours” was actually the best part of sandwich. I would suggest ordering the sandwich with the barbecue sauce on the side.

The big winner in the meal was the seasoned curly fries. They were killer! All three of us agreed that the fries alone might be worth a return trip.

3 Coronaries
coronary01 The Fast Foodie: Arbys Smokehouse Brisket Sandwich coronary01 The Fast Foodie: Arbys Smokehouse Brisket Sandwich coronary01 The Fast Foodie: Arbys Smokehouse Brisket Sandwich


Nutritional Info
Calories Carbs Fat Sodium Protein
Medium Dr. Pepper 250 68g 0g 60mg 0g
Small Curly Fries 400 47g 22g 900mg 5g
Smokehouse Brisket Sandwich 610 42g 35g 1230mg 35g
Total Dish 1260 157g 57g 2200mg 39g





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