By Alyssa Pereira

Happy Friday Bay Area!

Hope you’re all ready for Valentine’s Day tomorrow! If not, just procrastinate a lil bit with some of the week’s top stories. (You’ll at least have some cool things to talk about at dinner, yeah?)

Here are the week’s top stories:

Ground-Breaking Study Reveals That Really Attractive Men Are Also Jerks, Women Still Awesome As Always

It’s not like we really needed science to confirm this, but at least there’s a psychological reason that some attractive men lack empathy: they’ve evolved to be that way. Women, on the other hand, were not predisposed to the same trait.

A Med Student Used Her Own, Uh, Material To Make Yogurt

Ugh. Be strong, stomachs. A Wisconsin med student had an epiphany: if yogurt is made from bacteria, can I make some from that of my own vagina? It turns out that yes, she can (and she did), but that it’s also a really bad idea to eat it (which she also did). Don’t try this at home, ladies.

Kanye, Kanye, Kanye

Following his Grammys fake out after Beck was awarded the prize for Album of the Year, Kanye continued to be a butthead/voice of reason (it’s all a matter of opinion) against the Grammy committee and for “artistry”.

Girl Scout Geniuses Are Selling Cookies Outside Weed Dispensaries

You gotta give it to these little entrepreneurs—they’re resourceful. Troop members of Girl Scouts have been loitering outside dispensaries with their adorable boxes of cookies for sale, offering them up to eager customers. Really, it’s a win-win.

Three Bay Area Cities Are Considered Most Romantic In The U.S.

We get the obvious one—San Francisco is romantic no matter what way you cut it. It’s gorgeous. But one of these picks is a bit surprising, and had some readers questioning the methodology of this study. What do you think?


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