9 Ways To Get Your Zombie Fix After ‘The Walking Dead’ Season Finale

The season of ‘The Walking Dead’ is over and now what do you do to get your zombie fix? We’ve got you covered while you wait to see the fate of Rick, Daryl, Carol, and the the rest at Alexandria.

1) Try ‘The Walking Dead’ Graphic Novels:

If you haven’t checked out the original source material for the show you might want to give it a try. Some of the storylines are the same but it is quite different from the show. You will have plenty of comics to read as Robert Kirkland is very prolific.

2) Watch ‘iZombie’:

Not the gritty series that TWD is but this brand new show on the CW will provide you with a zombie fix and a bit of humor. It’s from the people that brought the world ‘Veronica Mars.’ Learn more on the CW website.

3) Do A George A. Romero Movie Binge:

George A. Romero is the undisputed creator of the modern zombie movie. ‘Night of the Living Dead’ started it all in the 1960’s and Romero has continued to crank out sequels and remakes over the years. Some are better than others but all pack a zombie filled (and sometimes campy) punch. Here is the Romero filmography to get you started.

4) Get Ready For ‘Fear The Walking Dead’:

Spinoff that is supposed the reveal how the zombie virus started is slated for a 6 episode first season this summer. Watch the very short teaser:

5) Try Out ‘Game Of Thrones’:

I know dragons are different from zombies but it may be the only show out there with the following that TWD has. Bonus: There are ice zombies. The new season starts on HBO on April 12th.

6) Buy A Video Game Console And Start Killing Zombies:

One of the cornerstones of the gaming industry is zombie killing. There are any number of titles to choose grime where you can hunt or fight zombies (some of them Nazi). Check out Dead Space, Dead Rising, The Last of Us, Resident Evil, or Left 4 Dead. If you have never played 1st person modern video games this may not be for you. They are very difficult for the novice. There are also a few very good phone app games like Zombie Highway, Zombieville USA, Zombie Gunship, or Into The Dead.

7) Read A Zombie Book:

There is a lot a zombie lit out there and some of it is actually pretty good. Here are some of the best:

Max Brook’s “World Wars Z,” “The Zombie Survival Guide,” and “The Zombie Survival Guide: Recorded Attacks” – “WWZ” is a classic and is much better than the Brad Pitt movie that shares the title.

“Pride and Prejudice and Zombies” by Jane Austen and Seth Grahame-Smith – Jane Austin with more BRAINS!

“I Am Legend” by Richard Matheson – A bit zombies, a bit vampires but all creepy. The basis of the Will Smith movie and the 1971 Charlton Heston film “The Omega Man.”

The Other Side of the Fence by Zack Morrissette, Stephen Nixon – Trapped in the zombie apocalypse with a real a-hole.

8) Watch A Zombie Comedy:

There are quite a few that give you both laughs and zombies. Best out there are ‘Shaun Of The Dead,’ ‘Dead Alive,’ ‘Warm Bodies,’ and ‘Zombieland.’

9) Bake Some Of Carol’s Cookies:

I’ve tried Carol’s Cookies and they are quite good. They may just help you eat away your TWD sorrow. They were a great companion to my own finale watching party provided by a friend named … you guessed it … Carol. Here is the recipe as provide by AMC.

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