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‘iZombie’ Recap: Everyone’s a Zombie

By Courtney E. Smith

Drinking shots of tequila and skydiving is a bad idea, but it’s how this week’s episode starts so you know we’re in for something gory. One girl sticks the landing, in the bad way, and ends up impaled on a branch. While Live and Dr. Ravi are waiting for the body to be extracted, she tells him about how she tried to make egg salad with brains and, frankly, the recipe sounds okay.

It turns out the shish kabobbed girl is Holly, a girl Liv and Roommate DA voted out of their sorority in college. Her crew of skydivers suspect foul play. Bonus points for those of you who have already noticed one of the crew is Veronica Mars alum Ryan Hansen. They were a group of mostly athletes sponsored by a company called Max Rager who pay them to do extreme stunts. Lowell is a musician they signed to a recording contract. Oh and he’s also a zombie with the hots for Liv. Surprise!

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