Is A ‘Space Jam 2’ Film Starring LeBron James On Its Way To Production?

Big news for millennials: Warner Bros. has got their hands in some very top secret, very looney things.

According to a hodgepodge of low profile news gathered over the last few years, Space Jam 2 might be happening, and it sounds like if it does, it will star LeBron James.

But don’t let me convince you. Let the evidence speak, and may you draw your own conclusions.

Ahem. Let’s begin.

Exhibit A: Warner Bros. is giving LeBron a whole bunch of money for “Content Creation Partnership.” As a new Business Wire release states, a company launched by James and his business partner Maverick Carter will provide “creative content across a wide variety of platforms including digital, documentary and feature films, and scripted and unscripted TV.” There is no further defining of the “feature films” mentioned here.

Exhibit B: Warner Bros has filed new trademarks for Space Jam. As Alex Weprin of Capital New York writes, “the new trademarks don’t cover moves (Warner Bros. already owns trademark for film) but could LeBron/Space Jam merch be coming?”


Exhibit C: LeBron is surprisingly not bad at acting. Here he is in this year’s Trainwreck.

Exhibit D: Somehow, the original 1996 Space Jam website still exists. Why does it exist? It has literally been almost 20 years, and there it remains, perfectly preserved.

Exhibit E: As Esquire found, James WANTS to do it.


Exhibit F: It’s maybe already underway? Warner Bros. has yet to confirm, but two producers (who are brothers) are trying to make it happen. Let’s just hope they tap Steph Curry to join the TuneSquad?

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