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Kevin Klein Live: Olsen Twins Sued By Their Interns, BIC’s Horrible New Slogan For Women, And Other #Trendasaurus Stories

Fanstastic Negrito isn’t the only one dealing with intern problems of late. The Olsen twins are  being sued by one of their ex-interns because she claims she worked 50 hours a week with no pay and no college credit. And she’s not the only one: the class-action lawsuit claims the twins’ company failed to pay 4o interns, both past and present. She also claims the work was so grueling that she went to the hospital for dehydration at one point. Other interns were treated just as harshly, and would cry at work on a regular basis. And all of this without any pay. Think they can win their suit, or do they need to suck up the fact that they are UNpaid interns?

BIC. They make pens. And the occasional lighter. You might recall the world’s reaction when BIC came out with a lady-pen called “BIC for her,” which got TONS of backlash. But now they want to show how much they support women and all they are capable of. Which is why on National Women’s Day they supported with the slogan: “Look like a girl, act like a lady, think like a man, work like a boss.” The idea apparently being that women excel at looking good, and men excel at thinking.

Will we live past the year 10,000?? One scientist says it’s POSSIBLE. Biomedical gerontologist Aubrey de Grey, who’s from the Bay Area, believes that through getting better medicine and keeping our body cells healthy and undamaged, it’s quite possible that we could one day live forever. By keeping our cells from dying or getting damaged, we could stop the aging process. He is researching ways to accomplish this. Good luck, buddy! Also, take a look at this guy:

Even if our hipster scientist finds a way for us to live forever, it won’t matter because our universe is dying. If your own cells won’t kill you, the universe eventually will! A new study had researchers testing the energy levels out in space, and they’re about half what they were 2 billion years ago. If this process continues, the universe as we know it will fade away into nothingness. #weak

Perez Hilton is starting a movement that we have been fighting for since day one. No more talk of the Kardashians. People are genuinely sick of hearing about them, and Perez Hilton announced yesterday that they will not report on the Kardashians for an entire week, starting next week. This includes all family members, husbands, exes, and children. They’re on a Kardashian Kleanse. Perez Hilton asked everyone on Twitter: who will join him? WE ALL WILL.

Tim Cook’s doing a pretty good job with Apple right now, so why not take your billions invest in something new? He is, and he’s investing in: showers. It’s a new startup called Nebia dedicated to ‘modern showering.’ Their innovative high-tech showerhead reduces water by 70% and “blasts a steamy mist with the force of a miniaturized jet engine.”

Here’s what we can look forward to in the world of Hollywood: Leonardo DiCaprio will join forces again with Martin Scorcese on a movie that’s been in the works for ten years: the movie adaptation of Devil In The White City. A couple of movie sequels coming as well: Wynona Ryder confirmed a Beetlejuice sequel. Also ideas are floating around about an Edge of Tomorrow sequel. And in the TV world: The CW is creating a TV series of The Notebook.

A lot of airports are trying to be better, giving VIP and red carpet treatments or giving their terminals huge makeovers. But that won’t stop the rise in people complaining about airports. Airline complaints have risen 20% just this year. The 50 best airports in the world have NO US airports on the list. The things people complained most about were mishandled baggage to pet incidents and tarmac delays.

San Francisco has the best and worst of many things. We have just been labeled by bon appetite as having the best food in the entire country right now. But they also just announced that the new median rent in San Francisco is $4,225 a month. It’s about a 16% year-over-year increase. So it’s a Twilight Zone situation where we have the best food in the country but we’re being forced to eat ramen because we’re so poor. Oh the irony!

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