By Ally

Nobody likes to get duped (Except Kevin). But being duped in regard to the delicious In-N-Out Burger is just cruel & unusual. The person doing the duping is from Southern California and was caught preying on people in the Middle East who just want a good double-double with fries. He sold fake licensing agreements for franchises in the Middle East, tricking 10 different investors and making roughly $4 million dollars. Of course he was caught when they figured out In-N-Outs in the Middle East are not happening. The feds arrested him and he’s been sentenced to two years in prison where animal style has a very different meaning.

Prison guards these days are easily bribed. As a result, people are escaping all over the place. But in Indonesia, they’ve got an idea worth trying. They want their prison guards to be crocodiles. They’ve proposed one of their prisons to hold drug traffickers and drug offenders where the guards will be ‘crocodiles’ instead of human beings, because unlike human beings animals cannot be bribed. They say “We will place as many crocodiles as we can there. And we will search for the most ferocious type of crocodile.” We’re already worried about animals taking over, and now we’re giving them jobs?! The world is ending.

The fourth Republican debate raged on last night. The maturity of all involved was properly demonstrated by the wifi password for the event, which was “StopHilary.”  But overall, all the candidates had less complaints about the way the debate was put together and moderated. With the primary only a few months away now, people are ready to make their decisions. Yesterday Ronda Rousey shared her pick for president, Mr. Bernie Sanders. She said she’s feeling the Bern because “he doesn’t take any corporate money.” She said “I don’t think politicians should be allowed to take money for their campaigns from outside interests.”

We have a very…special crew here at LIVE105. But it turns out being “special” is going to make it a hell of a lot harder to get a job in this country. Because according to a recent study, disabled job applicants are 26% less likely to get hired. A number of fake applications were sent out where one third of them disclosed they had Aspergers, one third said they had a spinal cord injury and the rest did not disclose a disability. The result was not surprising: The disabled candidates, though well qualified, were not accepted as often. But there are companies who appreciate those with special needs. In an effort to target homeless and disabled veterans, Uber and Lyft are offering free rides today for any veterans on their way to a job interview or even simply on their way to work.

Every week people have been betting freely on fantasy football, but those days might be on the way out sooner than we think. New York has sent an official cease and desist letter to Fan Duel & Draft Kings, ordering them to stop taking any bets immediately. These companies would argue it’s a game of skill, but it is still pretty much illegal gambling and this is the most aggressive move yet to make it all stop. But they don’t intend to. A DraftKings spokesperson said they have no plans to stop operating in New York and that they will fight these attacks vigorously and to the death.

Maybe you want to spend your weekend watching Shia LaBeouf watch his own movies. That is a thing that is happening, if you want to watch it go to #allmymovies and look at the live stream. He’s been watching them since noon yesterday. If you want to watch actual movies right here in the Bay Area among real celebrities, check out the Napa film festival starting today and running through Sunday. John Travolta will be in town accepting a celebrity tribute award (which sounds really made up) along with Bruce Dern, Evan Peters, Lydia Hearst and More. Over 100 films will be screened during the festival.

If I told you a football team was in trouble for barking at a K-9 police unit, which team would you think it is? Well, as the Raiders were taking the field against the Steelers, some taunting did go down, and it wasn’t toward other players….WATCH:

It’s entirely possible someone listening to this right now has never heard the words video cassette. Which is the reason SONY has announced they’re finally discontinuing Betamax video tapes. In March of 2016. You may be asking yourself, “isn’t that the same as a VHS tape?” No, it’s the Hydrox of the videotape world. It was invented before the VHS, but the VHS got all the glory. They’re also discontinuing those mini video camera cassette tapes from your old camera that haven’t been compatible with anything for years.

Hybrid animals, packs of raccoons attacking leisurely couples and now a story about a pack of Emus.  A gang of Emus terrorized the streets of Tucson instilling fear and panic within the souls of local Arizonians. The four birds escaped their farm and romped the streets like they owned the place. Emus are especially aggressive, especially when they go on a rampage after escaping from a farm. Pima County Police reportedly spent hours trying to round up the fearsome foursome, and I think they got them but it was reported as a rather serious emu-gency. (eh? See what they did there?)


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