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KKLive: The First Flower In Space, Oldest Man Alive Dies & More #Trendasaurus

If you ever want to get a lot of retweets, just post a picture of a flower from outer space. You’re SET. An astronaut shared via Twitter an image of a beautiful little blooming orange Zinnia, the first ever grown in space, right at the International Space Station. Sure, you can’t grow potatoes with it. Sure, an adorable Disney robot isn’t holding it and keeping it safe in its belly. But it’s exciting nonetheless and it’s a significant step toward growing our own food in space. Experts say they’ve learned a lot from this little flower that is now in bloom. Before this, they successfully grew a crop of romaine lettuce, and astronauts even got to eat some of it. Which sounds gross, but a huge step up from vacuum-packed chicken.

First Flower Grown In Space Shared On Twitter

We lost a lot of people last week, and we lost even more this weekend. Guitarist and founder of The Eagles Glenn Frey passed away at 67 years old, Celine Dion’s brother, Daniel Dion, died just days after her husband at the age of 59. Mic Gillette, founder of the legendary Oakland funky soul band Tower of Power died at 64.  And finally, the world’s oldest man passed away this morning at 112 years old.  Just two months shy of his 113th birthday. He said his secret was to not smoke, drink, or “overdo it.”

This weekend was a time to reflect on the gifts that Martin Luther King brought to this world, and of course that always comes with protests, boycotts and freeway closures. Spike Lee and Jada Pinkett Smith announced they will be boycotting the Oscars this year because of the lack of diversity. Mayor Ed Lee tried to say a few words at an MLK celebration yesterday, but was booed offstage be protesters before he could get out more than two sentences. And if you had trouble getting over the Bay Bridge at around 4pm yesterday, it’s because 25 protesters chained themselves to their cars and blocked all traffic going Westbound. The police had to get bolt cutters so that they could separate the protesters from their vehicles and send the protesters to jail and their cars to the impound. They were able to open all the lanes an hour and a half later.

“This generation with their hashtags and their IRL’s, they’re ruining the language!” Well, now you can officially say “No, Grandpa. The English language is not being tarnished by the younger generations, that is according to this new study. Language change is more individualistic and varies person to person. It’s not like one group of teens have the power to change the English language. Language changes slowly over the course of an entire lifetime, and changes in language are almost always a good thing. So #lolz all you want, folks!

The lottery winners in Tennessee verified their winning ticket this weekend and their lump sum payout is $327 million. So far they have no big spending plans. They claim they’re both returning to work this week and will not be moving from their one-story house. But those who didn’t win are now asking for your help. One woman by the name of Cinnamon started a GoFundMe reimbursement campaign for the money that was lost playing Powerball. She said she exhausted all of her finances hoping to win the $1.5 billion, and that she is now in dire need of cash. She raised $800 dollars of her $100,000 goal in just 7 hours before her page was shut down because it violated the terms & conditions. And rightfully so. Because she’s an IDIOT.

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