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KKLive: Zuckerburg’s $2,000 Hoodies, The Igloo On Airbnb And More #Trendasaurus

Zuckerburg is back at work after taking two months off for paternity leave. Through this, we’ve learned that when Zuckerburg has free-time, he does what every new parent does: posts a million pictures on Facebook. But before he went back to work, he posted that he was feeling undecided because he wasn’t sure on what to wear. He included a picture of his closet, which consists of only grey t-shirts and hoodies. Upon closer examination, we’ve discovered just what his favorite hoodie brand is. Fashion experts speculates those gray tees and hoodies are actually cashmere, possibly from brands like J.CrewElder Statesman, and Brunello Cucinelli. Price range? $900 for a tee to $2000 for a hoodie.

A man in New York has been forced to remove his listing to rent out the igloo that he constructed in his backyard after the big blizzard. The listing read “Boutique Winter Igloo for 2,” handcrafted and built from natural elements. He listed it on Airbnb for $200 a night. He even added some lights, a mattress and pillows, and though it started out as a joke he actually got a lot of responses on people wanted to rent it out. But alas, Airbnb shut it down saying it did not meet their occupancy standards.

I nearly had a heart attack yesterday because I was reading everywhere that Ronda Rousey was engaged to Travis Browne. These rumors circulated after her appearance on SNL where she was wearing a ring on her ring finger. But it wasn’t true, which was confirmed by a UFC rep who said the ring was just part of her wardrobe for the show. But that didn’t stop Travis Browne’s estranged wife from coming out of the woodwork and reminding everyone that they are still married. She also reminded Ronda (via Instagram) that Travis allegedly beat her up during their marriage and when he does it to Ronda, she’ll be the first to say I told you so.

Sure, you go to work every day. Some of you work hard, and others…well, you know who you are. But how much do people actually work when they’re at the office? A new study concluded the average person spends around 34 minutes a day not working. Half of this time is usually spent eating, whether you’re on an official break or not. The lazier of the work force spends almost an hour a day loafing around. They also figured out that when the unemployment rate is higher, these numbers go down because people are afraid of losing their jobs.

Here’s an adorable animal story for you. It’s tough getting humans to get up off their asses and run a marathon or even half of a marathon. But it’s not as tough for dogs, which I guess is why a bloodhound named Ludivine just took 7th place in a half-marathon in Alabama. The owner let her out to pee, and she promptly found the course and started running it. She ran the entire length of the marathon and finished just under an hour and 33 minutes. The owner said she only became aware of Ludivine’s adventure when her friends started sending her photos of her dog at the finish line.

Oakland is a lot of things. And now we can add to the list: top place in the nation for quality vegan cuisine. It seems Berkeley and Oakland are bleeding together, because Oakland’s New Parkway Theater has been named #2 in the nation for best movie theater for vegan food. The number one slot went to a theater in Jacksonville, Florida. But in Oakland, if you want to enjoy Ride Along 2 while enjoying an artichoke with white-bean ragout, or lavender lemonade kombucha, The New Parkway Theater is your new home away from home. This has all been determined by the good people over at PETA.

Oakland Theater Named Among Nation’s Best For Vegans

Ever since The Revenant came out, there has been a lot of talk about the bear attack scene where Leonardo DiCaprio gets severely assaulted by an aggressive bear. Some people thought it was a desperate attempt at an Oscar nomination, animal activists thought it was unethical, and bears in the Castro thought it was hot. But now someone with a key role in this has broken his silence. The man who played the bear in The Revenant. Glen Ennis is the stuntman who wore a giant blue bear suit and attacked Leonardo DiCaprio over and over again before they added the CGI of the real bear. He assured everyone that there were never any real bears on set, and that the closest one that they know of was at the Calgary Zoo. He also speaks of the uncomfortable amount of time he spent near Leo’s butt. Take after take, he had to grab leo’s jacket and hold his head unusually close to his ass. While it may have been a dream come true for many, it was not for him.

When the TSA isn’t busy fondling you, they’re confiscating the belongings you know and love. But just because you know and love something doesn’t mean it belongs on an airplane, and these are some of the weirdest things they’ve confiscated in the last year:

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