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KKLive: Sushi Gets You Laid, Broncos Bus Loses Battle With 101 Freeway & More #Trendasaurus

It turns out that according to science, sushi on the first date will greatly improve your chances of getting a second date. In fact, it increases your chances by 170%!! The reason? It’s an adventurous food choice, which increases your dopamine levels and makes you happier.  Not only that, the ingredients in sushi increase circulation, alertness, testosterone levels and it increases your heart rate, all adding up to being sexually charged and ready for the next level. I know Patrick thinks he’s his best wingman, but the answer for is not wings, it’s raw fish.

New Study Finds This Food Is The Key To Getting A Second Date

The Broncos are here in the Bay Area and have already taken on a worth opponent: Highway 101. The Broncos tour bus seems to have already gotten into an accident, and with a CHP motorcycle, no less! Two of the busses were heading back to the hotel after their practice at Stanford when a car that was in front of them slammed on their brakes. The first bus stopped in time, but the second swerved into the other lane to avoid collision and ended up hitting a CHP office and knocking him off his motorcycle. No one was seriously injured, but the bus did have to be towed from the scene. Freeway- 1, Broncos-0.

The Playboy Mansion is getting closer and closer to its new owner, and this time the biggest contender is a theater owner who wants to turn the mansion into a club. Jeff Beacher who currently owns the nightclub/circus Beacher’s Madhouse plans to make an offer of $90 million dollars, which is less than half of the asking price, then put in $20 million in renovations and turn the mansion into an exclusive members only club while keeping the Playboy name. But even if this goes through, it’s still unclear if Beacher could even get the proper licensing for a club in that area. But the house is no stranger to weird parties. Hef might even feel like nothing has changed.

There have been a lot of airline fights recently. Everyone seems crankier than usual. This weekend, one man made the news because he told a 7-year-old he would break her “f*cking legs” if she kicked his seat again. He’s been fined $750 dollars and the child got off scot-free, as usual. Then on a recent Delta flight they had to make an emergency landing because two flight attendants were brawling over work issues. A passenger tried to break up the fight and got punched in the process. Delta has apologized for their behavior. But maybe an end to all this fighting is in the near future because Airlines are bringing back pretzels and cookies! Hallelujah!

More details are unfolding as to just what happened with the escaped inmates who are all now back in jail. It all started because one man turned himself in, and now we know why: they couldn’t agree on killing their cab driver. I’m sure this conversation has been had by many people, not just criminals. After escaping and getting a ride to safety, they held a cab driver at gunpoint as they headed North. They then held him captive and got into a fight over whether or not to do away with him. It even got physical in a San Jose motel room before the guy who didn’t want to kill him said F you guys, left with the cab driver, and surrendered. The other two went to get the windows on the stolen van tinted, but then were caught in the Whole Foods parking lot. Can’t wait for the Lifetime movie!

Cyclists doping their bodies to get ahead is so last year. It’s 2016. Let’s get with the program and start hiding tiny motors in our bikes, like real innovators. We officially have our first case of this. At the world cyclocross championship in Belgium they found that a female cyclist was illegally riding a motorized bike. It’s now being called bike doping, often done by concealing a tiny motor in the tubing underneath the bike seat. They may have to start pulling people off the track right when the races finish so they can examine the bikes and make sure there is no foul play.

Cindy Crawford did not see her shadow this morning, which means she will go into early retirement. She’s throwing in the towel, or in her case her mole, and will no longer work as a professional model after the turns fifty this month. She says she shouldn’t have to keep proving herself or reinventing herself, and she no longer wants to. She anticipates she’ll have her picture taken for many years to come, but she will be a model no more.

Cindy Crawford on Retiring from Modeling: 'I'm Not Making Any Final Statements'

An NAACP president in Arizona really made a name for himself yesterday. The name of “sexist a-hole.” After speaking to a high school about an incident concerning the N-word, he used another word to describe a female reporter’s breasts.  He said she had “nice t*ts.” He used the language when speaking to another male reporter, who was appalled. But wait, it gets better. When word got out, he used the f-word to apologize, saying he was really ‘f-ing sorry’ and that he “supports NOW, the women’s organization — g*dd*mn! — are you sh*tting me? Are you going to write this up?” How can you stay mad at this guy?

OMG: NAACP leader uses F-word to apologize for using T-word after N-word meeting

It’s something all of us have wanted to do but never had the guts to. When you’re a kid, the fantasy of sneaking into a movie theater fills you with fear and exhilaration. Even seeing an extra movie can make you feel like a total badass. Then there are these two men who got into a movie theater as one. Big. Fat guy. These two put their heads together and fit into one giant pair of pants to pull off the stunt. They planned it perfectly for weeks and basically one man hid inside the other’s clothing by clinging to his chest with his legs wrapped around him. His legs ended up looking like a ridiculously large spare tire, his back like a giant gut and his butt a giant ‘fupa.’ It looked like something straight out of a Tom & Jerry episode, but it worked! They got two tickets for the price of one and bragging rights for life.

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