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KKLive: Recalls On Pizza & Beer, The ‘IHOP Robin Hood’ & More #Trendasaurus

If you like pizza and beer, you’d better also like consuming glass particles because two huge recalls have just been issued for Corona and for DiGiorno pizzas. That’s right, a Dos Equis is looking pretty good right about now as they have recalled thousands of Corona 12 and 18 packs due to the possible presence of glass. And that if that original rising crust pizza from Digiorno seems a little extra crispy, that’s glass. They’ve recalled those as well as some Lean Cuisine and Souffers frozen meals. They say the cause of the glass chards is from the spinach, so any products with spinach are being recalled including the Stouffer’s spinach soufflé. There goes Patrick’s dinner. But remember *it’s not delivery, it’s de-glass in your teeth!

It’s always nice getting a free drink from someone, whether it’s that creepy guy at the bar or the server at IHOP. Actually there is one specific waiter at IHOP that is known for his generosity. In fact, they’re calling him the “IHOP Robin Hood” because he takes delicious orange juice & coffee drinks from the rich and gives it to the poor. He’s given away roughly $3,000 in free beverages to people he feels deserves them, and as a result he’s been arrested and charged with a felony. The manager grew suspicious when he noticed his beverage sales only amounted to 6% of the charges on his receipts as opposed to the 17% norm. But when he was confronted about it he claimed he was not stealing, he was just doing the right thing by giving to the poor. He’s now being charged with grand larceny.

Well, we lost another good one yesterday. The man that gave every college students copy of Catcher In The Rye a home. The man who invented the  IKEA Billy Bookcase, Gillis Lundgren has passed away at 86 years old. He was the fourth employee of IKEA when it first started out, and his faith in us all to build our own furniture turned the company into a world-wide empire. He is also responsible Klippan (sofa) and the Lovbacken (table). No doubt he’ll have many Fjadermoln at his fjuneral!

Right now, some women are claiming there is not enough support for the pregnant women out there. Some claim they’re having to crowdfund their own maternity leave. But here is one small victory in the world of new mommies. Oakland Airport has installed little free-standing breastfeeding pods, brought to you by Mamava Lactation Suites. They’re 5 foot by 10 foot domes that look like luxurious porta potties, complete with a, internal AC, a folding table and two benches. My question is; is there a toilet in there? Because if there is, this thing sounds amazing. I think we will see a lot more people with fake babies trying to get alone time in the individual bathroom.

‘Out with the new, in with the old’ seems to be the new motto ever since the invention of hipsters. Flip phones, coke bottle glasses and suspenders have never been thriving more. And it seems the Catholic church is going the way of the hipster as well because exorcisms are apparently making a huge comeback, especially in the Bay Area. There are two exorcism priests living and working in the bay area and they claim exorcisms are real and thriving here in the Bay. I think we need to get one of them in here and exorcise Patrick or creepy creepy.

We don’t always understand the memes of the internet. But we did learn from hot dog legs that people love making body parts look like foods. The latest meme now has moved from people to animals, and how much dogs resemble bagels when they’re curled up in a ball and sleeping. Not as funny as cat-breading, but many people with small brown dogs have been posting online pictures of their dogs curled up in a ball, and the type of bagels they most resemble: wheat, onion, sesame, etc. The meme has gotten so popular that dog or bagel has already transitioned into Chihuahua or muffin, where people post pictures of Chihuahuas and compare them to blueberry and bran muffins.

Cesar Millan doesn’t train dogs, he trains people. He has taught us much about being a true leader with our animals. But now it appears the Dog Whisperer has had one “cccht” too  many, because he’s now being accused of animal cruelty. Authorities have been to his training facility to question him but he was out of town and now has 24 hours to comply. The accusations come from a recent episode of Cesar 911 where there was a dog who couldn’t get along with pigs. So Cesar gave him behavioral therapy by putting him around a live pig, and the dog bit the pig and drew blood. So when training your pet, how strict is too strict and how far is too far to get the perfect dog?

Spirit Airlines is already a sketchy situation, but when you add drunk women and boom boxes into the mix, things get even sketchier. There was a flight travelling from Baltimore to Los Angeles, and there were several intoxicated people on that flight. One woman was playing very loud music and when people complained she just held it up in the air, waved it in the air and yelled “what are you gonna do?” well she got an answer, and it was apparently beat the crap out of her. WATCH:

Here’s some bad bad news for us. A new survey claims that short men and overweight woman get paid less than the rest of the population. Yes, science has determined that the tall skinny people are the ones making the money around here, which is why this show doesn’t make a lot of money. For each two and a half inches of extra height, a man is 12 percent more likely to work in a high-status job. They also on average make an extra $1,611 more a year. In women, a 4.6-point increase in B.M.I. resulted in $4,200 less in annual income.

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