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KKLive: The Prius Is Stopping Pirates, Zebras On The Loose In Oakland & More #Trendasaurus

Pirates aren’t as cute and cuddly as they used to be. In real life, they do a lot more than dance around with peg legs and Buccaneer hats. Actually, they capture, torture and kill people and their heists have cost global trade about $6 billion dollars a year. But many of these pirates are (thankfully) out of a job, and we all have the Prius to thank for it.  Due to the rise in hybrid vehicles, the price of oil keeps going down down down, and as a result it just doesn’t pay to be a pirate anymore. Hijacking an oil tanker ain’t worth the risk when oil sits below $30 a barrel, and as a result piracy has fallen 29% in the last year. Which is pretty good considering they were losing about 500,000 barrels a day when oil was at $100 a barrel. So, go Priuses! Yar.

Of course the one weekend I’m out of town I had to miss something as exciting and adorable as Zebras running loose in Oakland. And they weren’t even zoo zebras, they were circus zebras! Two of them got loose from a travelling circus called UniverSoul and were seen running through the streets of Oakland near the Coliseum on Friday. The circus staff was eventually able to herd them back to the circus grounds. I guess they just jumped through the flaming hoops. But this isn’t the first time this has happened to this circus. Not sure if it was the same ones, but two zebras escaped when they were in Philadelphia performing and they were running for miles around the city before they were recaptured. Soo, maybe we should let the zebras go, guys.

Most people can’t run an entire marathon. The best they can do is get drunk in a banana costume and walk Bay to Breakers. But Eddie Izzard loves a challenge. Whether it’s learning his routine in 27 different languages or running 27 marathons in 27 days, he’s willing to take it on. When we spoke to Eddie last year, he said he’s been wanting to do this for a long time. He wanted to run a marathon for every year Nelson Mandela was in prison. He made an attempt in 2012 but had to pull out for health reasons, so you can imagine he was relieved to finally complete his quest yesterday. He actually had to run two marathons on Sunday in order to finish in time. TWO MARATHONS. You can imagine he was a little out of breath when he finished: WATCH

How do you celebrate when you win $115 million dollars in a sex tape scandal? If you’re Hulk Hogan, you celebrate with your family, at the gym. If you haven’t heard  by now, Hulk Hogan has been in a lengthy lawsuit with the online gossip site Gawker because they illegally released a sex tape of him and the wife of radio DJ Bubba the Love Sponge. Hogan claimed the incident was filmed and released without his knowledge and after a lot of very uncomfortable testimony, Gawker owes big bucks and could go out of business if they have to pay up. They’ve already started putting together an appeal, of course, but Hogan is happy with the verdict. Even happier than he was in the sex tape.

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