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KKLive: Science Says This Is Your Hangover Cure, Dreadlock-Shaming & More #Trendasaurus

Weed-lovers and avid drinkers, science has finally confirmed what we’ve already known for years. A hangover is not cured by Gatorade, vitamin B, Excedrin or projectile vomiting. It’s good old fashioned weed. New research claims they’ve proved that marijuana is the perfect hangover cure, assuming you’re not one of those people who freaks out every time they smoke. It alleviates nausea, can cure your headache and calms down hangover-induced anxiety. Which I didn’t know was a thing, so I’m really glad I’m not alone in that. The final benefit of course, is that it increases your appetite. So you feel less stressed, less nauseous, and hungrier so that you can crawl over to the nearest diner for the real hangover cure: chili cheese fries.

Everyone’s New Favorite Hangover Cure Is Already Something We All Like

Every man or woman regardless of color or gender has the right to look as ridiculous as they choose. That includes white people in dreadlocks. But this poor hippie got majorly dreadlock shamed by an African American woman while he was on his way to class at SF State. This exchange was caught on video and has people up in arms, calling this woman racist for telling they can’t wear dreadlocks because that’s her culture and even threatens to cut them off with scissors. At one point he tries to walk away from the conversation but she continues to grab him and pull him back saying he needs to learn. Yes, this man has made a bad fashion choice by wearing dreadlocks, and not even good dreadlocks. But no one deserves to be hair shamed.

SFSU Investigating Video Of Black Woman Confronting White Man For Wearing Dreads

The final four of the NCAA tournament takes place this weekend, and wouldn’t you like to go? Wouldn’t you love to have courtside seats and cheer your team on firsthand? But then of course there’s buying tickets, arranging air travel, getting a hotel. All that is a lot of work. So why don’t you just get that firsthand experience while sitting on your couch at home eating cheaper nachos? You can do that for the first time ever because this year they are broadcasting the event in virtual reality. CBS, the NCAA and Oculus are teaming up to give you an intimate 3D experience of the final four this weekend. Just spend $100 on a VR headset or get creative with a cardboard box, and ignore your significant other more than ever, and all without having to spend $15 on a hot dog.

Who has the best of the best coffee in the country? Shockingly it’s not Seattle, the birthplace of the luscious Lady Starbuck. And surprisingly it’s not San Francisco either, the birthplace of the douchebag barista. It’s our favorite tourist destination: Oakland! They placed #1 for best coffee in the country and the #2 spot went to San Francisco. Oakland also beat San Francisco for best breakfast in the country, best Chinese food in the country, and placed second for best Mexican food in the country and best soul food. But they could not beat San Francisco in their real realm of expertise, which is making things taste worse by taken the gluten out of them. That glory went to San Francisco, who placed second in that category right after Denver. The only list San Jose was on was place second for best Halal food…step it up, San Jose.

Seattle Isn’t America’s #1 Coffee Destination, And Other Conclusions Drawn From Food Maps

If there’s anything Dead Eyes learned this year, it’s that weddings are expensive. After than glorious day of commitment and cake comes the stress of paying this thing off. But we’ve found a solution for you which is selling meth because it worked out soo well for this guy. A man was a little too worried about the cost of his upcoming wedding, so he started his own side business. When police arrived at his house looking for a stolen car they found he had a thriving meth lab in his apartment along with some weed and a gun with one bullet in it. In court he said he did it all because he was trying to save up for the wedding, and he wasn’t planning to make it a regular thing. And if Breaking Bad has taught us anything it’s that making meth solves all of life’s financial problems.

Believe it or not, the story of the man who was arrested for an overdue copy of Freddy Got Fingered has an update. And it includes none other than our friend Tom Green. The man had rented this film back in 2001 and never returned it, so when he was pulled over last week he was told there was an outstanding warrant for his arrest. Many questioned the legitimacy of this story, but Tom Green got wind of it and wants this guy to know he’s here to save the day. He called him in prison and told him he’ll put in a good word for him in court and even pay the fees needed to set things straight, as long as the fees aren’t absolutely outrageous. He said specifically “If it’s 200 bucks of course I’ll pay it for him, just for the principle of the thing.”

The slot machines at the Las Vegas airport are normally a very sad place. They’re where lost souls go to make their last desperate attempt at winning back the hundreds and thousands they’ve lost at the casinos.  But someone had the joyous experience we’ve all longed for. One lucky passenger won $933,ooo on an airport slot machine. The Wheel of Fortune machine, of course. They will not reveal the identity of this mystery winner. Only that they were a local waiting for a departing flight.

For the most part, people love a good theme park. They love going to them, they love the thrill of winning tickets to them, as we’ve learned from giving them away on this show. But here’s one theme park you probably don’t want tickets to, because they no longer allow screaming. The place where you want to do nothing BUT scream. A new roller coaster called the Big One has put up several signs prohibiting screaming and even installed a noise reduction bank in the middle of the coaster to help after the noise became a constant source of worry for neighbors. Apparently they’ve been getting complaints from several people, some even claiming funerals and weddings have been ruined by the constant shouting coming from the park. You must be this tall to ride this ride, and this silent.

When you’re at the hospital, your genitals are constantly exposed. For nurses, this can be horrifying or it could be a reason to take some sweet pictures. One nurse has just surrendered her license because she took a picture of a man’s genitals while he was still unconscious. And apparently she did this more than once and even shared the pictures with her coworkers. Her name is also Kristin Johnson and I’m wondering if I’m related to her in some way. But she was caught and determined to be morally unfit to continue as a nurse.

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