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KKLive: Spain Says ‘No Mas’ To Siestas, Fitbits For Cows & More From #Trendasaurus

I’ve always been a fan of the four day work week, and an even bigger fan of Spain’s shiniest gem: the siesta. I would love nothing more than for America to welcome the siesta with open arms. But hearing this news devastated me: The Prime Minister of Spain would like to say sayonara to the Siesta. He announced a plan to phase it out completely, which would bring their work day to a close at 6pm instead of 8pm. Right now, people get to work around 9am and take a 2-3 hour break around lunchtime, the way God intended it. Now, they want to strip that all away. Reason being that naps are great but they’re pretty bad for business. Guess they’ll just have to learn to be miserable just like the rest of us.

Humans have lots of technology now, but what about the animal kingdom? All they have is a robotic treat dispenser. But now times are a changin’ and even cows can track their calories now. They’ve invented a Fitbit for cows. A wearable tracking device that promises you can get more out of your cow. It will track their sleep, mating habits and any other significant activity. This is all designed to increase milk production by 15% and help farmers make as much a $500 more per month. It can also help determine how healthy your cows are or if it’s time to “bring it out to pasture” if you know what I mean.

Do you sound like a total jerk when you email people? Are your texts too abrasive? Maybe not enough happy face emojis? There is help for you. It’s a service that will diagnose your sentences and find ways to make them more polite. With a new website called you can enter a chunk of text and it will break it all down for you. Have at it, PLEASE 🙂

Cutting the cord can be a liberating experience. The only time it kind of sucks is when you’re trying to watch the 49ers lose or Chris Rock raise money for Girl Scouts. Many awards shows and sporting events are still tough to find online, but this year will be different thanks to Yahoo and Twitter. Yahoo will live-stream at least one MLB game a day for the entire season. Soo…just hope it’s the one you want to watch. Additionally, Twitter just got the rights to stream ten Thursday night football games throughout the season. The NFL has streamed games before, but this is the very first season-long streaming deal, and it’s going to the Twitter underdogs as companies like Amazon and Facebook tried but could not land the deal. So if you’re a sports fan who hates cable, this season will be a hell of a lot more enjoyable.

Board shorts and puka shell necklaces just ain’t selling like they used to. Which is why nowadays a Pacsun can only be found in the forgotten corners of an indoor mall. Now it seems even that isn’t working anymore, because it’s going the way of Roscoe’s. They plan to file for chapter 11 bankruptcy as early as next week. Aside from a private investment of $60 million dollars, they’re pretty much broke. Why don’t people want Hawaiian tank-tops anymore?? You definitely can’t blame global warming for this one. If things don’t turn around fast, Pacsun will join the surfshop graveyard along with Quicksilver, Aeropostale and even American Apparel. RIP.

PacSun Is Reportedly on the Brink of Filing for Bankruptcy

Scamming has been around for quite some time. But gone are the good old days of Nigerian Princes and long lost friends needing money transfers in Europe. Now, scammers can steal your information in one email without so much as a back story. And who’s falling for all this duping? Millennials, apparently. A new study has shown that despite being raised among technology, millennials are the most susceptible to online scams. To be exact, 17% of women and a whopping 38% of men have been successfully duped by online and phone scams. Perhaps millennials are just disoriented by their cellphones actually ringing instead of just being a caveat for texting? I on the other hand am proud to be one of the millions of Americans who receive 16 spam calls per month on average.

If you’re significant other is on Ashley Madison, you probably know it by now. But what about Tinder and other online dating sites? You may have met your match on Tinder, but did they delete their profile or are they still perusing for someone better to come along? Now, you can find out thanks to a new service called Swipebuster. All you do is visit the website, put in your partner’s personal information and where they last used the service. Then just give them five dollars of your hard earned money and they will start a thorough investigation and let you know if your partner is swiping behind your back.

Warning: Don’t leave your houses on Friday. Obama is coming to town. He sees you when you’re commuting, he knows when you have a lunch date. And he wants to screw that all up with his giant motorcade. Last time he was here was in February, and how he’s back for more. More good weather and more fundraising events. He gets in on Friday, no official time yet, and he will attend the Democratic National Committee and Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee events Friday evening and will stay the night in San Francisco. How do we find out what hotel he’s staying at?? I want a drink with him in the hotel lobby bar.

President Obama To Visit Bay Area On Friday



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