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KKLive: Retirement Might Kill You, Bay Bridge Chihuahua Finds A Home & More #Trendasaurus

The Bay Bridge Chihuahua finally has a home! And instead of going with a young traffic man with no relationships, they chose an elderly couple who have been married and living in San Francisco for 57 years. As we personally heard from the Animal Control guest on our show, they were flooded with applications after Ponch the Chihuahua ran across the Bay Bridge in one of the longest animal chases ever. And none of these people wanted any of the other animals in the shelter, they only wanted Ponch. They did an initial comb-through of the applications. I assume that’s when Patrick’s was thrown out. Then they conducted face-to-face interviews and settled on these two. The reason, they said, is because Ponch has been through a lot and needs a home where there’s not a lot going on. They’re even keeping the couple’s names private, because Ponch is so famous now that people would undoubtedly be dropping by just to get a glimpse of him. And because they’re old people we’re not even get to see pictures online. So say goodbye to Ponch.

Just when I think I’ve figured out the meaning of true success, it turns out to be something that will probably kill you. If you have the ability to retire early, it seems like you’ve really done okay in life. You planned, you kept your employment, and now all there is left to do is golf and eat early bird specials. But you might not be doing that for very long because according to new studies, people in early retirement tend to die much sooner than those who don’t. In fact, those who retired at 66 improved their chances of living longer by 11%. Which in a way kind of means that working helps us live longer. So regardless of how much you hate your job and feel like it’s slowly killing you, you’re a lot better off than you are sipping Mai Tai’s in Maui.

With roughly 50 million users, you’d think there’s a lot to pick from on Tinder. And according to recent stats 54% of them are single, so what more could you ask for when finding the love of your life? Well, Tinder has decided to make it even easier for you to find a match, but people aren’t exactly loving it. Reason being it means swiping their own Facebook friends. With the debut of Tinder Social, users can create Tinder groups with all your Facebook friends, then meet up with other groups of friends and have a kick ass time having sex with each other. The problem is, it’s basically outing you as a Tinder user to all your Facebook friends, old teachers, co-workers and exes. And it turns out, people don’t really love that idea. So it’s been tested in select areas, but it seems to be a massive failure. Hopefully that’s the last we’ve seen of Tinder Social.

A while back, Talia Jane came on our show and told the story of how she was fired from Yelp after posting an open letter about how she can’t survive on her given income. She got a lot of attention for it, and apparently the slew of press has made an impact because Yelp just announced they’re increasing their minimum wage to $14 an hour, up from $12.25. So now her former coworkers are making more money, and they’re also getting 11 paid holidays and 15 addition days of paid time off. When they made the announcement, they made sure never to mention Talia’s name and even went farther to share that these pay increases have been in the works since last year. So that would mean they planned this before her letter even came out. Which I think most people agree is BS.

If you watched the draft at all yesterday you may have seen The Rams have a good day or the 49ers using their pick to draft a guard who was 28th overall. And then there was Laremy Tunsil, who was one of the draft’s top prospects but slid down to 13th after a Twitter post appeared on his account showing the offensive tackle smoking from a bong while wearing a gas mask. But regardless it’s over and done with and we can move on. Just like the Raiders possibly moving on to Las Vegas. At least that’s their hope. They’ve committed to the move and have pledged to spend $500 million dollars on a new Vegas stadium. If this gets approved the stadium would be in a 42 acre lot just blocks away from the strip and would be a 65,000-seat dome with 100 luxury suites and a retractable roof.


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