The real reason Kevin Durant came out to the Bay to play for the Warriors is that he’s a big fan of our local music scene and here’s our top 5 Bay Area band picks for the summer.

Band #3 … San Francisco’s Branches!

By Aaron Axelsen, Live 105 Music Director, Host of Subsonic and Soundcheck


BAND 3: Branches

1. What Bay Area city do you call home?

Most of us are in the city of San Francisco (primarily the Richmond District)

2. What local high school and/or college did each member attend?

Tyler Madsen attended high school in the East Bay at Valley Christian. During college in Southern California (where we met), he managed to convince the rest of us that the Bay Area was the place to be.

3. What are your 5 favorite local haunts, i.e. where could we find you hanging out in your city when you’re not in the studio recording or out playing a gig?

As we live in “The Avenues” of SF, most of our spots are out that way. We tend to frequent:

(1) The Richfield (Coffee and cookies)
(2) El Burrito Express on Taraval (BEST burritos!)
(3) Men Oh Tokushima (Ramen)
(4) High Treason (wine bar)
(5) Outerlands (Brunch)
(6) O’Keeffe’s Pub (as Irish as they come)

4. If you could organize your own music festival, where would you host it and what 10 artists would you book?

Oooh, that’s a tough one. Having Outside Lands right in our backyard is hard to beat, but we’d obviously love to be on the bill with a few of our friend-bands!

5. What’s the most embarrassing thing that ever happened to you while playing live?

There are the usual suspects – wrong notes, forgotten words, getting introduced as “The Branch Band”, etc … But the best/worst live moment for us was when we were playing a ‘back-to-school fair’ at a university on the east coast. When we showed up, we realized that this ‘back-to-school fair’ was really just a concert on the lawn … with the added bonus of a pop-up zipline running from the back of the lawn to the front of the stage area. This underwhelming set-up may have contributed to the fact that no one (and I mean NO ONE. Zero people) showed up, which the University-provided sound tech took as a cue to relax and enjoy himself. Fulfilling our end of the agreement, we started into our set. By this time, our crowd had grown exponentially to a grand total of 3 audience members. After the first song, I looked to the sound board, in the hopes of asking the sound tech for a bit more of my guitar, only to see that he wasn’t at the sound-board … but was coming down the zipline. All we could do was laugh (Literally. I had to skip a verse because I couldn’t stop giggling) and be thankful that at least one person was enjoying their night.

6. Upcoming shows?

We are working on booking a fall tour in support of our upcoming album. Stay tuned!

7. More Branches:

Facebook – soundslikebranches
Twitter – @branchesmusic
Instagram – @branches



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