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Kevin Klein Live: Half-Off Podcast 08.10.16

A study came out revealing that the age you are most likely to cheat is any number years old you are that ends with the number 9. For example, some of the the most susceptible ages were 29, 39, and 49. It seems that Ally should be the most concerned, as her girlfriend is the closest to one of those ages and it seems Ally has a strange set of rules when it comes to what counts as cheating. Dead Eyes should also be worried, as his wife was being hit on by a multimillionaire at Outside Lands. Let’s face it, Dead Eyes can’t compete with that kind of cash.

Plus, new research has come out that suggests that there may be a better way to sleep than the traditional 8 hours in one sleep session a day. Apparently the new line of thought is that sleeping two separate 4 hour increments with a gap in between is the new way to do things, but Kevin and Ally venomously despise this idea. Planning to sleep once is hard enough on a group that has an early start at 5 AM.

Also on today’s podcast:

  • Kevin brags about the goodies he has in his To-Go bag for when his wife is in labor
  • Useless Weirdo loses his prized lanyard with all the various passes to Live 105s shows he’s been over the years
  • It’s Dead Eyes’ Birthday!
  • And more!

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