We are 20 days away from picking a new President of the United States of America & tonight will serve as Hillary Clinton’s & Donald Trump’s closing arguments in what’s sure to be another contentious debate. Will Donald claim he’s being cut off by moderator Chris Wallace too often? Will the camera zoom in on more of Hillary’s wry smiles?

Yeah, probably. It should be it’s usual mess that we’ll make memes out of. Who knows, Ken Bone could even show up.

Thought Catalog has provided the following drinking game rules if you’d like to get a little buzzed on a Wednesday night:


Hillary Clinton

Mentions Trump’s taxes
Mentions someone that Trump screwed over in his buisness
Says “fact-checker”
Has an answer so long and policy-ridden you get bored
Mentions the importance of “temperament”
Mentions something sexist Donald Trump has done / said
Brings up some failed Trump business
Brings up her work at the Children’s Defense Fund
Casually mentions her mother or daughter Chelsea
Brings up polling that supports her in some way

Donald Trump
Says “Believe me!”
Interrupts Hillary
Says “China” or “Mexico”
Says someone accusing him of sexual assault is a liar
Says “Benghazi” (two drinks if it’s a totally unrelated topic when he does)
Obviously has no idea what the question is about, so pivots to some random topic
Talks about how America is “losing”
Says “bad deals” (or “terrible” deals)
Brings up Hillary’s health
Brings up Hillary’s emails
Uses more than two superlatives in a sentence
Mentions “the establishment” or “political elite”

Brings up “Putin”
Says “John Podesta”
Mentions “Wikileaks”
Brings up Twitter
Mentions President Obama


Hillary Clinton

Mentions “HillaryClinton.com”
Laughs off allegations of corruption or Bill Clinton sex scandals
Mentions Republicans who have disavowed Donald Trump
Invokes being the first female President

Donald Trump
Uses “ISIS” to deflect a question about his personal conduct
Brings up a conspiracy theory on stage (i.e. “the election is rigged!”)
Brings up a Bill Clinton sex scandal (stop after 2x)
Brings up Paul Ryan

Says the word “disqualified”
Talks about the Supreme Court
Clearly struggles with answering a question about their personal conduct
Chris Wallace (the moderator) clearly loses control of the debate

If you do choose to participate in this drinking game, you should probably let your boss know you won’t be making it in tomorrow.


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