Double Trouble Thursday is here yet again, bringing with it the conclusion of the Midwest Pee-Trick Saga. The pee pants in question were brought to a listener that works at a forensics lab, who analyzed the sample in question to settle what Kevin was convinced all those months ago: that the stain in question was indeed Useless Weirdo’s urine. Useless Weirdo has denied this for months, but what will this expert be able to shed light on, and then some? Was there more than just the pee in question?

Plus, comedian Tom Papa stopped by to promote his show for Sketchfest this weekend in the middle of Kevin and Ally discussing the latest topic of Let’s Get Offended. The subject in question this time was dogs with disabilities being used in this year’s Puppy Bowl, which ended with the show being offended that there were no mentally disabled dogs and only those with physical impairments. But as Tom Papa told us about his recent dog adoption, it would be too hard to find because pretty much all dogs are messed up in the head when they’re puppies.

Also on today’s podcast:

  • Unlisted looks at the worst passengers you’d find on a common airline flight
  • Fiona Apple’s new anti-Trump song is a hit according to Kevin
  • Kevin and Ally discuss their desires to pre-program their dreams to be their most pleasurable
  • And more!

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