Kevin decided to start today’s show looking back at the horror that was having to stay in costume all weekend long, where he was required to wear the make up he was dolled up in for the Kings For Queens contest last Friday. Needless to say, Kevin was not a fan of the punishment, but he did seem to learn that a woman’s world is far more complicated than he first thought, where the tediousness of applying make up was finally understood and more appreciated by him more than ever. Still, he never wants to wear the stuff ever again.

Also, in reaction to a new ad with a overtly sexualized Mr. Clean, Kevin Klein Live decided to hold another draft picking the product mascots they found to be the sexiest. Picks ranged from the normal, like Ms. Chiquita, to the bizarre, like Mr. Peanut. But a strange pattern was found in Twinkie’s picks, where it seemed that all of his picks were all ones that had characteristics of his personality. It is possible that Twinkie is now revealing himself to be the show’s ultimate narcissist or his Kevin looking too deep into this? You be the be judge.

Also on today’s podcast:

  • Dead Eyes discusses a bit about his time interviewing Kings of Leon last Friday with the lucky listener
  • Twinkie interviews random men on the streets on their reactions to the KKL Queens from Friday
  • Looking at the trend of millennials taking a liking to botox
  • And more!

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