By Ally

Leading up to the Super Bowl, a lot of people were wondering if Lady Gaga was going to get political with her half-time performance. Everyone likes to throw around the hashtag #sticktosports to remind everyone it’s about the ball and not about the wall. But surprisingly all of the politics came from the commercials. Lady Gaga was busy practicing how to catch a football in mid-air (by the way, they never showed her landing from that catch…I really hope she’s still alive). But it seems the best advertising a company can do these days is to take some kind of political stance, which we saw in Budweiser commercials, Coca Cola & More. Surprisingly though, the ad for avocados from Mexico was not political. It was just John Lovitz telling us to eat guacamole (and we listened.)

There were also a lot of commercials from super random companies. Some that made you question how they were able to pony up millions for a Super Bowl spot. Busch beer, It’s a 10 Haircare, Persil Laundry Detergent, Proactiv, the list goes on. But the most controversial commercial came from a company called 84 Lumber, which was straight up about a mother and daughter trying to get to the US from Mexico only to have a giant wall meet them at the border. The wall was made of concrete, but the door that opened the way to America was made of their irresistible lumber.

After seeing this, people went online to see just what the hell this company was all about. Buuut…so many people went to their website that the entire site crashed. All of this just confirms that if you want good advertising, get into politics.

And how can we cover the Super Bowl without covering the bathroom breaks that go along with it? The Super Bowl is a hard day for avocados, but it’s an even harder day for toilets. The old rumor is that the amount of water flushed down the toilets of America during half time is the equal to the amount of water that goes over Niagara Falls in seven minutes. Which is probably not true, but it is safe to say a lot of people use the bathroom during the game. But before the game was about to kick off, there were some officials who put out a statement encouraging people to please hold it or don’t flush during the game because it could possibly kill people. There is apparently a really bad sinkhole just outside of Detroit, which they think was caused by a broken sewer. Obviously sink holes are terrifying because they’ll randomly form out of nowhere and kill hundreds of people, swallowing cars and whatnot. Crews are currently building a bypass to get around the broken sewer, but it’s not ready yet so their last resort was to start begging people to stop flushing during half-time. I don’t know if Michigan listened to their pleas or if the sinkhole got worse. Only time will tell. But it would be pretty unfortunate to see more people die just because someone had too much bean dip.

Many ideas get pitched on our show, especially during the Dank Tank where people pitch their weed-inspired “high-deas.” And no one has yet to make the Kool-Aid umbrella and no movie theaters have decided to swap out popcorn for mac ‘n cheese. But one of the high-deas pitched on our show has been created and is ready for a big Valentine’s Day release. And that of course is the smokeable arrangement. Instead of getting a big bouquet of mango spears, you get a beautifully arranged ounce of weed buds. A farm called Lowell Buds right here in California is the first to make one of these. It’s definitely more expensive than mango spears, though. This bouquet is no joke and will run you about $400 because it is, after all, an ounce of weed. They’re just basically trimming it and putting it in a vase. But nevertheless they’ll deliver to certain cities in California on Valentine’s Day, so if you want your romantic evening to consist of sitting on the couch & polishing off a box of heart-shaped candy, smokeable arrangements will help you do that!

smokeable arrangement KKLive: Super Bowl Recap, Smokeable Arrangements For V Day & More #Trendasaurus

Would a bouquet of green suit your fancy? Can you see Doritos in your future??

There are plenty of companies trying to make it so you never have to go to a store to shop for anything ever again. Alexa, Google, and maybe even Cortana can order you anything on a moments notice. But what about when you actually do go to the grocery store? You can’t possibly be expected to carry your own groceries, and now there’s a robot for that. It’s not Google or Amazon that has created it, it’s Vespa. They’ve developed a little two-wheeled robot that will follow you around wherever you go and hold your groceries, briefcase, dry cleaning and anything in-between. It’s name is Gita, (she?) is two feet tall, can hold 40 pounds of cargo and can go up to 22 miles per hour. They claim Gita will follow you anywhere, whether you’re walking or if you’re a hipster on a bicycle. Of course, if you’re driving to the grocery store you’ll have to lug this thing into your car and then you’ll likely have to connect it to your smartphone which will take time. Then if you have any problems connecting it might stop working and then you’re the idiot with a robot in a grocery store hogging the aisle trying to open up a Gita so you can stuff a giant steak into it. But hey, anything to make life easier, right? So after Cortana and Siri and Alexa, pick up a Gita! Anyone else notice that robots are getting pretty female heavy lately?


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