Kevin Klein Live looks back at what happened at the Iguana’s hang out and the Twenty One Pilots show as well, where the show was able to have another opportunity to hang with listeners, which is is always a good time. Well, for the most part. Useless Weirdo was on hand to try and get some interviews and instead failing in every way imaginable. Something’s going on with his mind worse than normal and it doesn’t look like it’s stopping anytime soon.

Plus, Kevin has a looming dentist appointment later this week and is completely terrified. Having been the victim, or rather the patient, of various His nerves certainly weren’t calmed with audio of a news story that talked of a woman who woke up from some oral surgery with a weird accent that sounded like a cross between Irish, English, Australian, and a few others. Here’s hoping Kevin doesn’t wake up sounding like that, or worse, like Twinkie.

Also on today’s podcast:

  • Plans begin on selling belongings that were given to us by exes
  • Creepy Creeper announces he has plans for Ally on Valentine’s Day
  • Kevin successfully makes an announcement without Aaron Axelsen or billboard spoiling it beforehand
  • And more!

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