A new round of He Cray/She Cray got underway today, with the show finally able to have the proper opportunity to play its new theme provided by listeners, which has a fun funky sound to it. But besides the new intro music, the battle this week was fierce, with Kevin’s story of a woman attacking another movie patron for talking during a screening of 50 Shades Darker while Ally brought a story of a man who was sucking on random women’s toes at a mall somewhere in America. It’s two crazy stories that go well together, so vote on which you think is the creepiest on the Kevin Klein Live Twitter.

Also, Michelle Wolf of The Daily Show joins the show to promote her shows this weekend at Punchline.  Considering her work in political comedy, she assisted on another edition of Tantrum Or Tan-Trump, where listeners tried to guess if a line read by Kevin was something Trump has said or something a child said while having a fit. The game hasn’t been played since Trump took the office of president, so you better believe there was plenty of new quotes that could run that gambit between him and a cranky toddler.

Also on today’s podcast:

  • Analyzing the lucky Warriors fan who won a car shooting 4 3-pointers at a game
  • Kevin and Ally shame Useless Weirdo for failing to record a solo 30 second podcast yesterday
  • The show gives its full support for drinking while sitting in doctors’ and dentists’ waiting rooms
  • And more!

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