Arguably the greatest judge to ever have a show called High Court on Comedy Central, Doug Benson stopped by today to help with the final spot for the live Dank Tank at Kevin Klein Live’s Wake and Bake party on 4/20. Doug’s expertise was welcomed to the airwaves as usual, especially as one of his High-Deas was in the Dank Tank’s new intro. Ideas were certainly bizarre, but considering this involved a live presentation at the Wake And Bake show, Doug made sure to take that into consideration, despite ideas not being too realistic to put together in one weekend.

Plus, when Kevin had an odd situation at a hotel where he gave a tip to a worker that came into his room to clean a  pubic hair on the toilet seat. He did it out of reflex, but after a moment, it made him wonder if that tip was even justified, considering his toilet should’ve been pube-free to begin with. This got the show discussing how often and when they feel it’s and obligation to tip, but there was one thing everyone agreed on: the iPad app that gives you tip percentage options is clearly the Devil in tech form shaming you to tip a certain amount or else….

Also on today’s podcast:

  • New commercials from the newest Kevin Klein Live sponsor United Airlines
  • The lame corporate sayings that try to cast awful situations into a PC-friendly positive-sounding light
  • Ally possibly reveals yet another one of her strange turn-ons
  • And more!

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