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Antioch’s Gates Of Hell: The Legend Of Empire Mine Road

We’ve been telling you about the legends of the some of the Bay Area’s spookiest spots. From Niles Canyon Road in Fremont to the haunted Toys ‘R Us in Sunnyvale and everything in between.

Now there’s another creepy Bay Area spot we want to tell you about – Antioch’s Empire Mine Road. It is home to an abandoned slaughterhouse, a gravity hill, and supposedly an old insane asylum.

If you drive south on Deer Valley Road, Empire Mine Road lies past the old Gold Club at Roddy Ranch which closed in 2016.

Back in 2005, Antioch city leaders decided to close and barricaded Empire Mine Road leaving it only accessible to cyclists and foot traffic.

Once you access the road, you will notice the old slaughterhouse that’s rumored to be haunted by an old man who walks the grounds. There are reports of chains clanking and fantom footsteps.

Past the old slaughterhouse is a gravity hill – one of those hills where if you put your car in neutral you’ll feel as if you’re being pushed uphill. There are several of these in the Bay Area and this one carries a similar spooky tale to the others. This story involves a bus running into a creek killing several children. Folklore states that the spirits of these children are pushing your car up the hill so that you don’t suffer the same fate that they did.

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The creepiness doesn’t stop there. Further down the road lies the “Gates Of Hell”.

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Why do they call this area the “Gates Of Hell”? Well, the old legend says that there was once an insane asylum at the end of the road where so much death and violence occurred that a portal to hell opened on the grounds. The pavement in front of the gate appears charred, which is claimed to be more evidence of a portal to the underworld.

While most of these tales are merely folklore, the Contra Costa Times did run a story on Halloween of 2005 about a 22-year-old man who was found on Empire Mine Road drenched in his own blood after being attacked by an ex-girlfriend. The article also mentioned a mass slaughter of a rancher’s cattle on the road and repeated acts of arson that lead to city leaders choosing to block it off for good.

For more on on the legend of Empire Mine Road visit Sun Kissed Hiker.

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