On today’s show on the best day of the week, Kevin describes a disgusting bath he took with his wife the other night. It started out normal enough, but Kevin’s wife saw it as a good opportunity to shave, where her leg hair and dead skin particles lingered throughout the bath tube water. It managed to even gross out Ally, who is the one who’s admitted to sharing floss with her fiance, arguably the nastiest thing anyone on the show has done to date. Clearly a new gross standard has been set.

Plus, today saw the return of Eating With The Hungry with Useless Weirdo going to the streets with some Peep Flavored Oreos. At the end of the homeless review, Useless Weirdo used a “new” sign off that caught Kevin and Ally off guard. However, that “new” sign off may have been purposely stolen from a certain company with a rodent mascot. Seems like Useless Weirdo is being a plagiarizing thief yet again.

Also on today’s podcast:

  • The debut of the game The Rock Or Any Other Rock in celebration of the new Fast & Furious sequel
  • Announcing the search for Mrs. Wednesday, the future representative for the underrated day of the week
  • Let’s Get Offended looks at a horrific story about a freeloading squirrel scoring free ice cream cones
  • And more!

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