Whether you’re a daily weed smoker, a part-time user, or never touch the stuff, you’ve still heard the term 420. This code for cannabis has become commonplace throughout our culture, but most people don’t know that it’s origins can be traced back to the Bay Area.

The Waldo’s were a group of teens attending San Rafael High School. As the story goes, they were given a treasure map to track down a large crop of weed that had been planted by a member of the coast guard. Each day the Waldo’s would meet at 4:20pm to go searching for the plants. The 420 code spread among their friends, then throughout the school, then throughout the world. Waldo Steve and Waldo Dave stopped by Kevin Klein Live this morning to relive the origins of the phenomenon.

“We weren’t stupid stoners. We were seekers. We were guys who wanted adventure,” reminisced Waldo Dave. “It turned into a secret code that we could use in front of our parents, teachers, cops, whatever and they never knew what we were talking about.”

waldos 420 Creators Reveal It Used To Have A Different Name

Waldo Dave and Waldo Steve, two of the creators of 420

Waldo Steve was quick to mention that the 420 term evolved from an earlier code phrase. “There’s a statue on the San Rafael campus of Louis Pasteur, the chemist.” “All day long, we’d see each other in the hallways, we’d smile and nod and say ‘420 Louis’. “Eventually we just dropped Louis and we’d just look at each other and go ‘420’”.

Their story is fascinating – like Dazed and Confused meets The Goonies. Listen to the full interview to find out what the Waldo’s think about other people claiming they created 420, how they got a beer from Lagunitas named after them, and whether being a 420 founding father has ever gotten them laid.

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