Kevin Klein Live returned to the airwaves after a long break for Fourth of July, where some of the show was busy taking airplane rides. Ally in particular took an airplane ride where she left midway through via sky diving. When talking about the experience though, she was prompted with an option to tip the person she was attached to, which she had no idea on what was an appropriate amount. Do you pay more if someone is constantly putting their life on the line to entertain you or less because they do it everyday multiple times a day?

Plus, Useless Weirdo has himself another offer to perform stand up comedy (horribly), but it turns out another member of the show was busy doing their own stand up comedy stint during the break. Twinkie waited in line for a shot at Stand Up NBC’s comedy special, but listening back it seems obvious why he didn’t get a call back. But because of the awfulness of his stand up, Useless Weirdo’s stand up invitation was revoked and given to Twinkie. Looks like women isn’t only thing that Twinkie’s stealing from the show’s traffic department.

Also on today’s podcast:

  • Kevin breaks down the not as negative as expected experience he had flying with his infant daughter
  • Creepy Creeper becomes the first caller the show talks to after getting back from vacation
  • The first Mash Up Battle between Chainsmokers and Coldplay vs. a chainsaw and a donkey
  • And more!

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