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Kevin Klein Live: Half-Off Podcast 07.17.17

Over the weekend, Ally did a deed that she considered to be heroic. At her community pool, she claimed to have alerted a security guard that someone had taken a dump in the pool (despite everyone thinking she was the deuce dropper), therefore saving the day. It got Kevin wondering if there were other tasks listeners have performed that similarly rode the line on whether they were heroic or not, with the show being the judges. The first edition of Am I A Hero was a blast, although a lot seemed to involve drowning of all things.

Plus, with Donald Trump’s ratings hitting a historic low at 36%, it’s sometimes hard to comprehend just how bad that rating truly is. With that, the show played the Trump Approval Ratings Game, where callers were given an incredibly unpopular film, restaurant, or something else along those lines and try and guess which has a higher approval. Will you be able to correctly guess if Trump is going better than the film version of Baywatch, the station Live 105, and more? Listen below and play along!

Also on today’s podcast:

  • The debut of local band First In Flight’s song about a Kevin Klein Live Yelp review
  • A product called the Aqua Dog, which the show feels promotes dog pretentiousness
  • How the ban of cigarettes in prison may be one of the worst decisions in recent memory
  • And more!

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