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Kevin Klein Live: Half-Off Podcast 07.24.17

Today’s Kevin Klein Live saw the return of Is It Creepy, with the show analyzing the story of a motel in the middle of the Nevada desert that has a plethora of clowns all over the property, including within the rooms. Best of all, it’s located right next door to a cemetery as well. But are things as creepy as first let on? A few callers from the Bay Area called in to prove how not creepy the whole situation was, including someone claiming that their uncle put them to sleep as a clown every so often. Maybe the issue is that the show has listeners that are just too creepy?

Plus, a woman called in to reports a strange case of stolen identity, where someone on Friday night was pretending to be Useless Weirdo to pick up women and pretend to give away tickets to see Green Day. This story is all sorts of interesting to Kevin and Ally, as Useless Weirdo never goes out, never goes to bars, never has any luck with women, and is never giving away tickets to listeners. This whole story goes on a stranger journey, with fist fights, random folks giving car rides, and more!

Also on today’s podcast:

  • An in depth look at one of the stupidest products available on late night television: the Sock Slider
  • Which jobs seem to have the highest divorce rates
  • How one troll on the Facebook page gets the “honor” of having Ally give the profile a closer look at how pathetic it really is
  • And more!

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