When Foster The People performed on James Corden recently, singer Mark Foster was able to meet his childhood idol, Mark Hammil. Talking to the man who played Luke Skywalker was a dream come true, and Foster was sure to make it memorable.

“I gave him back his hand,” Foster joked, referencing the famous Star Wars scene.

Besides meeting iconic actors, Foster The People have stayed busy working on a new album. Sacred Hearts Club is out now. You can hear their new single “Doing It For The Money” on Live 105.”It’s got a lot of different elements and a lot of new colors to our pallet, as a band.”

image3 That Was Like A Childhood Dream   Foster The People On Meeting Luke Skywalker

Dead Eyes hanging with Mark Foster at Lollapalooza

Even as their sound evolves, Foster holds one band above all else. “Nirvana was the first band for me. I remember hearing them for the first time when I was 12. And picking up a guitar, learning how to play guitar that week.”

Check out Dead Eyes’ full interview with Foster The People at Lollapalooza by clicking below.


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