19 year old Omar Banos is quickly becoming one of music’s next big things with a rabid fanbase online and at his sold out shows. He just finished up three consecutive sold out Northern California shows in Sacramento, Oakland, and San Francisco and he took some time to swing by LIVE105 to chat with Dallas.

Q: You announced what might be my favorite name ever for a tour today, the “Imma Miss My Dogs Tour”?

Cuco: Tour Tour. Cause we forgot to remove to remove the second ‘tour’.

Q: How many dogs do you have?

Cuco: Two dogs, Willie & Toby. I miss ’em right now. Low-key.

Q: How was your eclipse by the way?

Cuco: Eclipse? A scam! I was in New York and like nothing happened.

Q: I didn’t buy the glasses.

Cuco: Yeah, it was a scam.

Q: Have you spent much time in the Bay Area before?

Cuco: I’ve been here a couple of times. I came here last year to see San Francisco State. I was supposed to be studying over there, but none of that went through. I’m glad, though, cause I wouldn’t be here.

Q: Are you in college at all?

Cuco: Yeah, I’m at Santa Monica College.

Q: You haven’t dropped out yet?

Cuco: Naw, I’m not doing well cause of like all this stuff. It is what it is. I’m stoked that everything’s happening.

Q: Tell me about where you’re from, Hawthorne.

Cuco: Hawthorne is dope. Me and the homie Issa are off of Hawthorne. There’s not like a lot to do, but the south bay in general is dope. There’s a lot of good food like Zacatecas, Dino’s, Piggy’s. Aww man, Jim’s.

Q: OK, I gotta get down there…How are people discovering your music?

Cuco: I don’t know, dude. I feel like people just share my music a lot. That’s a big thing. I’ll play shows and people will come up to me like “my friend put me on to your music.” & it’s dope.

Q: The radio play hasn’t come yet, but one look at your Twitter it’s crazy. Kids begging you to come everywhere.

Cuco: I know. I announced that little tour today and all these kids are like “where’s New York?” “Where’s Chicago?” and it’s like “dude, I didn’t know I had that type of fanbase over there.”

Q: Has there been any place you’ve where you’re like “How is this happening?”

Cuco: Literally this whole NorCal run I’m like “what? how?” I didn’t know people here supported me like that.

Q: Clearly you’re going to have to come back and play some bigger venues.

Cuco: I know, huh? That’d be dope. Biggest headline show I’ve done is Oakland. I love NorCal in general. The weather is dope.

Q: Listening to your music you seamlessly mix English & Spanish & at first I was like “That’s weird” then I was like “wait, the biggest song of the year does that, ‘Despacito'”. What do you think of that song’s success?

Cuco: I think it’s dope that Daddy Yankee & Luis Fonsi did that. I guess at first it was cool that Justin Bieber was singing in Spanish, but then that racist thing happened. When he was saying like “Dorito” & “Burrito” That was like hella problematic. So I don’t really fuck with that song in general.

Q: I’m glad you like Baby Bash.

Cuco: Yeah! I love Baby Bash! I saw him live too at the Observatory. Him, Lil Rob & MC Magic. It was dope. I was stoked. That was kind of my childhood. I grew up with all that. That was only like 2% of what I grew up with though. I grew up with a lot of music.

Q: I’m glad you came by, man. I feel like we’ll be seeing a lot of you over the next few years.

Cuco: I hope so!

Q: New music on the way?

Cuco: I’m working on my debut album. Those last ones were collections of different eras. I’m working on my first, first album. I don’t know when I’m gonna finish it.

Q: Until then, go see him on the ‘Imma Miss My Dogs Tour Tour’

Cuco: For sure. Thank you.



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