(LIVE 105) – The highly anticipated “Great War” between the White Walkers and pretty much everyone in Westeros has been the central theme, especially on the final seasons of Game of Thrones.

For now, its the war between GOT actors Lena Headey who plays Cersei Lannister and the actor who plays Bronn, Jerome Flynn that has many Reddit users in a tizzy.

According to a 2014 report by The Telegraph, Headey and Flynn were “no longer on speaking terms” after a much heated break-up in 2002. Which prompted Reddit user “GregTheGreat” to post his realization under the category TIL (Things I Learned). That lead to a string of comments, with some users searching for scenes with the two actors together.

Many Reddit users questioned why the two characters are not ever shown interacting. They’re barely ever in a scene together, yet one would think the two major characters should interact. Afterall, Bronn is Jamie Lannister’s (Nikolaj Coster-Waldau) savior.

Bronn is the guy that got him off the horse when the Daenerys’ dragon almost grease fired him. Bronn is literally Jaime’s right hand guy, the one who teaches him how to fight with his left hand, and in general, who Jamie takes everywhere. Wouldn’t Cersei be thankful of Bronn?

He was also crucial to Tyrion Lannister (Peter Dinklage). Bronn battled at the The Eyrie and managed to save Tyrion from getting thrown through the Moon Door.

One Reddit user actually found in season 3, episode 1, a scene where Bronn confronts The Kingsguard to speak to Tyrion and out the door Cersei walks quietly, but extra brisk past Bronn/Flynn. See the video here:

Another “close call” was during the season 7 finale, when Bronn turns to Podrick at the meeting at The Dragon Pit and says “C’mon Pod. Let’s you and me go have a drink while the fancy folks talk.” The next scene then shows Cersei arrving into the arena area. Watch the video below at the 5:00 minuite mark.

Hopefully, these two can get over their differences in a professional manner, and the show can go on without any silly distractions.

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